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Friday, October 30, 2015

Step Up Canadians.

     Why wait for Spring? Spring into Non-Action. 2016, 20% REDUCTION IN USE OF FOSSIL FUEL.
     Why wait for the Paris Party's half measures too late. We all know or should know, fossil fuel use needs to be cut back. And each one of us has to cut back consumption. We are calling for a 20% reduction two years in a row, 2016 -17. Set a goal of 20% less for this coming year, do it, and get the environmentalists doing it. Green Party, Where are You? In Paris? Grow a Garden.
     So, that was the latest NEW WORLD ORDER : clean up your act, Reduce 20%, Everything You Buy. That means at least 20% less garbage will be dumped in oceans and landfills. This will mean layoffs and 20% more unemployment. We have shovels, and Gardening is very therapeutic. This reduction leads to ending all kinds of useless jobs, and a whole lot of Gardening. Get Ahead Capitalists, be the first to have a Garden on your front lawn and learn something about real value economy. Best investments for money is in compost, or, for quick returns of temporary relief, Food Banks. 
     This has been a message from our new Minister of Squashing Things That are Useless, for The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, which includes USA and Russia. So The New World Order includes Those living across imaginary border lines. Penalty for ignoring order, extinction and no time off for good behaviour too late.

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