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Monday, October 5, 2015

Prep For Global Meltdown

     Dig up your lawn. Any ground that can be used for Election Politcal Name Tags can be turned into gardens. It's the Garden Party Policy.
      Making thousands of tons of garbage, using up resources, adding greenhouses gases for roadside name tags, paid for out of the public purse, at the same time trying to get votes for their environmental action plans to fix the environment and grow the Economy. You are what you do, not what you say you are going to do.  The Garden Party Sign is a Garden, and of course we don't want to plant on the edge of roads with all the pollutants left by car traffic and the extra traffic of Politicians pounding in their name tags, our carrots would be tromped flat. Less Is better when it comes to auto traffic.
    We know that Elections grow the Economy, by our rough calculation, a billion dollars less in the public coffers. Now if we were voted on by road side gardens, at least the public would get some roadside vegges for the Billion Bucks that got pick pocketed. No matter, money is already becoming useless in The New Economy, the made in corporate board rooms trade deals are of no benifit to small operators. Small fish will be eaten by bigger fish, and the Garden Party is Composting the Big Fish, and their Party Politics. The Last Queen, the Last Royal Bank, and probably, the Last Pope. Social Climate Change is now unstoppable. Grow diversity, adapt to what does best locally, use your feet for less gas peddling and more walking, what feet were designed for. 

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