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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Green Party Cooked.

     As the Green Party goes up in smoke collecting taxes on cucumbers and pot, from the ashes the Garden Party Grows its way into a New Beginning for Mankind. A world that does not need taxes. A world that does not need money's permission to make an action. A world that everyone has a opportunity to make a social contribution. Need a Garden? Want to work on the Whole Garden? One Shovel of Dirt, and we are voted into Government. The Garden Party, win or lose, is the Self Government of Canada, Elections only give the illusion of government of the people, which make voting useless. Money is the real unelected Government, and Money likes making More Money.  
     YES OR NO, SHOULD BE ENOUGH. So, pick your part in the play, we have self government in Canada today, at your service, like it or not. If you are just voting, you have given up your say. Not that way with the Garden Party. Maybe you should shut up and listen.
      Good Bye, Green Party.

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