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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Garden Party Release, Refugees.

     Open the door to Refugees. Give the Air Force Orders to bring in as many refugees as they can facilitate. Cancel the purchase of fighter Jets and recall all Canadian Air Force abroad, they have a new mandate, take on the human crisis, and get to work on prevention of more of the same. Bring in 10,000 Refugees, within Two months, and 50,000 within six months. Just Give the Orders, provide the resources necessary.
     Call for Renewed Victory Gardens to provide food for Refugees and Canadians who are poorly fed. Incorporate. Help anyone willing to take care of garden, to get one started. 
     This is the New World Order, goal: New World Harmony, Direct from The Re-Elected Self Government of Canada, The Garden Party Without Borders. Do It Yourself Government.

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