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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Garden Party Release, Pot.

     The Garden Party, considers Pot equal to Cucumbers. A garden plant. Anyone can grow, smoke, give away or sell cucumbers. Treat Pot the same as any gardened herb. That is all it is, a herb, with fiber value, medicinal valve, and recreational use.  Less harmful than most concoctions sold over the counter in Drug Stores. Farmer's Markets would quickly fill local demand. Simple.
     Simple to just let people do what they want with pot, we forecast that in two years, pot prices will drop to the price of cucumbers. Or, you can follow the structure set up for regulating Tobacco and Alcohol. Tax it and make money to pay for thousands of government jobs  trying  to control the flow of cash and pot, and put profits into a few corporate hands, just like tobacco.
     Pot should never have been made illegal. The New Illegally Elected Government of Canada however is looking for Cash Cows to pay for other promises made. Prepare to be milked legally, different mob, same result. Real Change is justin different pockets. 

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