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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Canada's New Voter Registration

     Only Conservatives can vote. That's to make sure Harper wins The Great Canadian Fraud Election. This is to keep all Canadians Safe, from Themselves.
    There will be a lot of noise on Rejection Day Oct 19 when the Youth, First Nations, Socialists, and Dairy Farmers discover they are not on the New Revised Voter List. Fantastic for the Garden Party Candidates Blocked from participating in the Fraud Election Process.
     Something that should satisfy all the people who are refused the right to vote,  the Garden Party will not let those non votes go uncounted. That is right, all non votes will be counted and according to our recent pole, we now expect a landslide of indignation to give the Garden Party a overwhelming majority, perhaps as many as every single seat in parliament. Even Conservatives cannot stand to vote for Harper and will be supporting The Garden Party by Not Voting. We encourage all Conservative Voters to stay home and tend their Gardens on Oct 19, and know that for the first time in Canadian History, every non voter will be counted.
    Another first for The Garden Party, now artificially a coalition with The Human Race Party, The STOP Party, The Last Party and the Chameleon Party. Vote SOS across your ballot if you are one of the unlucky people allowed to vote. All SOS and spoiled ballots will also be counted, twice if necessary by The Incorruptible Garden Party.
     Pine Mushrooms for Thursday, Granville Market.

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