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Monday, October 12, 2015

Canada, Arms Deal Cancelled

     That is right, the National Garden Party of Canada, blocked from participating in Federal Fraud Elections has declared Self Government and has cancelled not just the sales of 15 Billion Dollars of Killing Machines to Saudi Arabia but all exports to all buyers of Canadian War Junk. Just one of the  reasons we have been blocked from participation in Federal Corporate Controlled Elections.
      We are very disappointed that Both the NDP and Liberal Party will allow the sales of Arms agreed to by Harper's Conservatives, knowing that Saudi Arabia has a 'poor' Human Rights Record. Not only the Conservative Party is headed for The Garden Party Compost, we are now in the process of adding the NDP and the Liberal Party. Regardless of the outcome of Corporate Fraud Fixed Elections, The Garden Party Declares Self Rule. Any  attempt to Stop Gardeners from participating in peacefully gardening the country, will find themselves in the compost. The Garden Party continues to grow around the World composting the old rotten to the roots governments, hanging up the guns, getting rid of Money, the root cause of war and poverty, and getting beyond making promises or asking permission. 
     It is Thanks Giving Day, Thanks for the antibiotic hormone Turkey, the fluorescent  salmon, crack to subdue and destroy the youth, and bananas, now growing in BC due to climate change.  We have little to celebrate yet, no matter what the pretend and make belief head in the sand practitioners claim. Hope is alive, 

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