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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Calm Before The Storm

     Finger pointing blame towards Corrupt Governments, Political Party Leaders, Money Grubbing Corporations and Sadistic Military Nuts, holds very little water in a Gardener's Bladder when the finger pointer is doing nothing to correct our Human Situation, or worse, working full time directly or indirectly for legal or illegal Organized Crime or collecting pensions from investments in the arms industries.  If any real change is going to happen it will be done by the people looking closely at the tip of the pointing finger, check it out. Spring into Action. Get Control of Your Food Supply. Vote SOS on your ballot, Save Our Selfs, Self Government of Canada, not only can we, we are the millisecond we accept the responsibility. Join the Human Race, and get the crack off your streets. Stop giving justification for the existence of Police. 

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