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Friday, October 30, 2015

Step Up Canadians.

     Why wait for Spring? Spring into Non-Action. 2016, 20% REDUCTION IN USE OF FOSSIL FUEL.
     Why wait for the Paris Party's half measures too late. We all know or should know, fossil fuel use needs to be cut back. And each one of us has to cut back consumption. We are calling for a 20% reduction two years in a row, 2016 -17. Set a goal of 20% less for this coming year, do it, and get the environmentalists doing it. Green Party, Where are You? In Paris? Grow a Garden.
     So, that was the latest NEW WORLD ORDER : clean up your act, Reduce 20%, Everything You Buy. That means at least 20% less garbage will be dumped in oceans and landfills. This will mean layoffs and 20% more unemployment. We have shovels, and Gardening is very therapeutic. This reduction leads to ending all kinds of useless jobs, and a whole lot of Gardening. Get Ahead Capitalists, be the first to have a Garden on your front lawn and learn something about real value economy. Best investments for money is in compost, or, for quick returns of temporary relief, Food Banks. 
     This has been a message from our new Minister of Squashing Things That are Useless, for The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, which includes USA and Russia. So The New World Order includes Those living across imaginary border lines. Penalty for ignoring order, extinction and no time off for good behaviour too late.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Gas and Oil Exploration Stopped.

     That is the desire of the Caretakers, of the St Lawrence Vally Basin. Stop all new gas and oil drilling, the time has come to wean off fossil fuels. First action, halt all oil and gas exploration permits today, right now. By tomorrow, end all new exploration in progress. Put a moratorium on any increase development of existing oil and gas extraction, and let the discussion began. Everybody reduce use of fossil fuels, including all petroleum products 20% by the end of 2016. And another 20% public reduction by the end of 2017. 
     Is it possible? For most of us, Yes. Is it necessary? For all of us, absolutely. Just four times instead of five, 20 % is a easy target for people to do in year once conscious of use and waste individually, 40% reduction is quite attainable and could be achieved by a large segment of the World Population. Big polluter's like Canada make a large impact when 20% reduction takes place.
     Get Real before Xmas and Stay Real After. Still Making More Garden Space, every active body requires good food for top performance. Drop by and fuel up, or to burn off calories. Full employment with The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

False Economy.

     Waste is good for making money, making garbage is good for growing the economy, the money economy. Economy means; Most Value for Least Cost. Money means; Most Cost for Least Value. 
    Example : One tree will make Five Quality Chest of Drawers, that each one will last a hundred years. The same tree will make 10 of the same size Drawers out of toxic gas releasing pressboard that will last about five years each. For the utility life of five quality set of drawers, fifty junk Ikea Drawers would be needed. One Tree versus Ten Trees. Real Economy versus Money Economy. Sense versus Money and Non-Sense. Throw in the added value of skill and potable wealth that comes with Quality wood work, Money and mass production, is far from being economical. The sooner value is consumed, destroyed, bombed or discarded the better for the Money Economy. The sooner Money is discarded the better for the Real Economy. Start Composting.
     Better grow a garden, we are going to be redeemed without money, at the very least, we will eat good local food.

TPP, For All Member States.

     The Garden Party, Self Government Without Borders, is rewriting The TPP Pact. First Requirement of Every Member, is to go home and make sure every mouth is fed, before exporting anything. More often than not, people are displaced and the best land is used for the export market. Farm workers are further exploited. Food quality drops, and, monoculture is a environmental disaster. And get it done in six years. Organic of Course. After all that is accomplished, we will sit and talk, about the real costs of transporting food all over the world. There are a lot of wasted calories for every calorie of food put on the table. Not sustainable. Changes are necessary, excuses are lies, when we know otherwise, 
      November, 2015, "WORLD" BUY ONLY LOCAL MONTH. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Garden Party Release, Refugees.

     Open the door to Refugees. Give the Air Force Orders to bring in as many refugees as they can facilitate. Cancel the purchase of fighter Jets and recall all Canadian Air Force abroad, they have a new mandate, take on the human crisis, and get to work on prevention of more of the same. Bring in 10,000 Refugees, within Two months, and 50,000 within six months. Just Give the Orders, provide the resources necessary.
     Call for Renewed Victory Gardens to provide food for Refugees and Canadians who are poorly fed. Incorporate. Help anyone willing to take care of garden, to get one started. 
     This is the New World Order, goal: New World Harmony, Direct from The Re-Elected Self Government of Canada, The Garden Party Without Borders. Do It Yourself Government.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Garden Party Release, Pot.

     The Garden Party, considers Pot equal to Cucumbers. A garden plant. Anyone can grow, smoke, give away or sell cucumbers. Treat Pot the same as any gardened herb. That is all it is, a herb, with fiber value, medicinal valve, and recreational use.  Less harmful than most concoctions sold over the counter in Drug Stores. Farmer's Markets would quickly fill local demand. Simple.
     Simple to just let people do what they want with pot, we forecast that in two years, pot prices will drop to the price of cucumbers. Or, you can follow the structure set up for regulating Tobacco and Alcohol. Tax it and make money to pay for thousands of government jobs  trying  to control the flow of cash and pot, and put profits into a few corporate hands, just like tobacco.
     Pot should never have been made illegal. The New Illegally Elected Government of Canada however is looking for Cash Cows to pay for other promises made. Prepare to be milked legally, different mob, same result. Real Change is justin different pockets. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

When The Dust Settles.

     After Canada's Election, a quick check of the bills, you will notice Money, the incumbents are still in power. Minority Rule Continues. Money is what stopped The Garden Party From being on the ballot. Money makes the rules, ignores the Constitution, and, Elected Party Governments bumble along.
     And the Election Process was illegal, and is before the courts now. If this election holds as valid, the entire House of Commons is in contempt of The Canadian Constitution. The New Elected PM, by an illegal election, is not Valid until the court decides the case. To Ignore the Court, that would be contempt of Court. All necessary parties have been ordered by the courts to defend the charges, within thirty days or be charged. This includes the elected Prime Minister.
     Just so to have a clear understanding, the Garden Parties interest in running in elections isn't to fix a failed form of Government, while money holds the power of life and death over the masses. We are introducing a different form of social organization. Without the Rule of Money, The New Government is Growing Organically. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

This is not a robo call....

We would like to inform all would be voters, (about 46 % of potential voters), the Canadian Federal Election 2015 has been cancelled. No need to waste energy getting to polling stations your vote won't count. The Election, under our constitution is illegal, and is now before the courts. The process is breaking Constitution Law. Without allowing The Garden Party the right to speak, The Garden Party has every right to Not Listen. The Elected Government of Canada has lost any Authority to speak For Us or To Us, because it is not By Us, The Majority. 
      We Speak to Audiences and Live People. 604 928 3663.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Garden Party Boycotts Voting.

     Since we were refused participation in The last BC Election and now the Canadian Federal Election, we will not be voting in this election. We have COMMENCED LEGAL PROCEEDINGS AGAINST: Her Majesty the Queen, Attorney General Of Canada, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons,Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, and the Victoria Beacon Hill Riding Returning Officer. They have 30 Days to respond. Our garlic will be a hand high by then, we have requested the court stay the results of this election. We are applying the court for leave to challenge the Canada Election Act.
     Party Politics making special rules violating our Constitutional Right to participate fully in Elections, rich or poor. Violations approved by actions of all major parties, including the Green Party, (they deserve to be included) will lead to the End of Party Politics and Party Politicians in all democracies. How's that for Real Change.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Canadian Election Nullifed.

     The Garden Party, Cancels  Illegal Election in Canada until settled in Court. The Results of the Election are immaterial. They will have to do the entire thing all over again or cancel elections, so no point in counting the ballots. Self Government is already established and taking back government from Money, Put money into the compost and get real value. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Green Party Cooked.

     As the Green Party goes up in smoke collecting taxes on cucumbers and pot, from the ashes the Garden Party Grows its way into a New Beginning for Mankind. A world that does not need taxes. A world that does not need money's permission to make an action. A world that everyone has a opportunity to make a social contribution. Need a Garden? Want to work on the Whole Garden? One Shovel of Dirt, and we are voted into Government. The Garden Party, win or lose, is the Self Government of Canada, Elections only give the illusion of government of the people, which make voting useless. Money is the real unelected Government, and Money likes making More Money.  
     YES OR NO, SHOULD BE ENOUGH. So, pick your part in the play, we have self government in Canada today, at your service, like it or not. If you are just voting, you have given up your say. Not that way with the Garden Party. Maybe you should shut up and listen.
      Good Bye, Green Party.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


     Canada can and does make Tanks, does Canada make shovels, or is that too difficult? Shovel imports in the Big Box Junk Stores are Junk. Do Canadian Tanks fall apart the first time you use them? Probably.
     Canada has the iron ore and an energy glut, mostly wasted on such Items as Tanks. Several small well placed smelters, with railway connections, could supply Canadian Needs. Independent of unreliable supply, poor quality and corporate control. The export of raw resources and import of products made by those same resources is not sensible or sustainable. Forget about the Tanks for Saudi Arabia, make quality shovels, much different outcome. 
     CANADA DIGS CANADA, IN 6 1/4 YEARS, CANADA FEEDS CANADA IN 6 1/4 YEARS, with old shovels. Planting Garlic Today.
    Two Tails.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Oct 21st, Change The World.

     All those long time struggling and caring people who will be greeting their transition on and after Oct 21st,  will be pleased that the world is taking a full step to correction. We will be expire joyfully.
    One Day, Oct 21st, ground the drones and planes, halt the tanks and silence the guns. Take One Day Away From the profit seeking military industries. Take One Day away from all profit driven Corporations. Take One Day Off from war and paycheck slavery. if lucky, you might get fired. For One Day, park the transportation, walk and talk, set priorities, prepare to take on what needs doing for future well being of the whole Family. Start your grassroots Local Self Government, and tie in with the rest of the world. We are all in this mess together, and together we will clean up what needs cleaning up, and there is no better place than starting on yourself, get that done with help if needed. Gardening is one solid foundation with far greater benefits than just eating, follow your heart or passion, make your connections and dig in. 

Canada, Arms Deal Cancelled

     That is right, the National Garden Party of Canada, blocked from participating in Federal Fraud Elections has declared Self Government and has cancelled not just the sales of 15 Billion Dollars of Killing Machines to Saudi Arabia but all exports to all buyers of Canadian War Junk. Just one of the  reasons we have been blocked from participation in Federal Corporate Controlled Elections.
      We are very disappointed that Both the NDP and Liberal Party will allow the sales of Arms agreed to by Harper's Conservatives, knowing that Saudi Arabia has a 'poor' Human Rights Record. Not only the Conservative Party is headed for The Garden Party Compost, we are now in the process of adding the NDP and the Liberal Party. Regardless of the outcome of Corporate Fraud Fixed Elections, The Garden Party Declares Self Rule. Any  attempt to Stop Gardeners from participating in peacefully gardening the country, will find themselves in the compost. The Garden Party continues to grow around the World composting the old rotten to the roots governments, hanging up the guns, getting rid of Money, the root cause of war and poverty, and getting beyond making promises or asking permission. 
     It is Thanks Giving Day, Thanks for the antibiotic hormone Turkey, the fluorescent  salmon, crack to subdue and destroy the youth, and bananas, now growing in BC due to climate change.  We have little to celebrate yet, no matter what the pretend and make belief head in the sand practitioners claim. Hope is alive, 

three score and ten

     For a lot of us who have enjoyed the miracle of life and survived near death experiences, it is not too difficult to avoid a mental state of depression. We know that every day we live, regardless of what we are going through or how crazy the world is, every day is a bonus. To make good use of this day under what is a very tough situation is exactly what a long time friend did today. Hardly able to talk, placed a phone call, not to complain or relate his sufferings, but to encourage and uplift others in the struggle to make the world a better place. David Wilson, your message, your action, your example, are already taking on a life of its own, and are a personal much needed boost to keep going. Thank You.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

What Has To Go.

    Where are the Conservative Candidates? Not at meetings or responding to phone calls from media. Fraud Elected Harper has got to go. The use of Dirty Energy has to stop, quickly. The Tanker Loads of Chemicals produced every day that all end up in our environment and in our bodies, has to stop. 
     Regardless of the outcome of Party Elections, the real power to set a new direction is in the hands of the people. Any Government can be brought down by 20 % of public going on strike. The unappreciated janitors and plumbers could just do nothing for three weeks and the Government would be in the Toilet. The Garden Party would be glad to feed the Janitors and Plumbers while they hold on, until the Elected Government drops. Government from the bottom up is what was intended, and is now taking place.
     The Garden Party's ever growing Self Government of Canada is now offering a 'Special Pre-Election Deal' to Janitors and Plumbers on Vancouver Island, just in case they decide to do nothing for a few weeks. This winter we will make available all the materials needed to start boxed garden beds, plants and seeds included. If the situation calls for it, we will install complete Garden Beds, call it payment of taxes, and we will send ourselves the bill, to put in the Outhouse as a unreasonable justification for cutting down forests to send bills in the first place. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Phoney Elections

     Changing the head of a bloating body by any means does not mean government changes. Yet one member of the Garden Party can change the whole Government. Money is running the World, Money likes Harper. Money is behind the scenes, selecting the Heads of of Political Parties in Canada. Money can, and does, when it wants to, crash a Government that is not serving the interests of Money.  Leaders that cannot be bought, fooled, or intimidated, can still be crushed by the power of money. Most of the food supply in Canada is at present in the control of big business, as is transportation, distribution, energy and communications. Money is taking over the control of agricultural production. 
     Like it or not, Money can make and break any type of government, using the military means, if necessary, of countries such as USA, and Canada. There is a lot of money in the Weapons For Mass Killing Industries. Like the 15 Billion Dollar Deal of Arms approved by Harper's Government. You can bet there is cash in the coffers of Harper's Conservative Party that came indirectly, or even directly from Saudi Arabia. 
     Big Money has been involved in both Liberal and Conservative Parties for Decades. The Leaders are Figure Heads, no matter who gets Elected. Money is in Control, on occasion temporarily backing down from mass protests, 
     $O$ YOUR BALLOT. Grow a Garden with some grape vines, the Garden Party is Priceless, Money, tool of Slavery, is on its way to the compost. New wine, New vessel, New Evolving Government, Participate. Voting is optional and hardly considered participation. And you do not have to wait 2 hours to make your mark, grab a shovel and dig in, for the long haul.
      This message has been approved by the Chief of Scams for The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders.