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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wars Make Jobs.

     Gardens make Peace. SOS Gardens Ready to Go, get a garden started before imported food stops coming in, expect dropping crop yields, high demand, and higher prices for the shorter supply. With the world moving into climate and social readjustment,  food shortages will make transition difficult, mono crops will collapse. It is inevitable. We insist the monoculture farming collapses. Diversity Gardening, is the best way of having food security. It is high on the priority of The Garden Party, all people must have access to a sufficient local food supply to survive, what ever comes their way,  Food Security, if or when all else fails, you can still eat. 
     Get local control of your food, depending on corporate toxic food suppliers with their main interest in the cultivation of cash will continue to turn farm land into a waste land full of sick people. 
     Corporate Food Stores, IMF, Monsanto, are all on the Garden Parties Compost List along with the Canada Arms Industries and fraud Elections. Our $150 per hour Auditor failed to respond, likely after reading our Compost List.  We were not surprised, and had already burnt the nomination papers to partake in the Fixed Gladiator Election Games. We will just keep on developing our own Self Government, from the block the builder rejected, and keep the shovels in the ground. Don't wait for Spring or Money's Election Results, if you need a hand or have unused or even abused land, call up SOS GARDENS FOR INSTANT RESPONSE 604 928 3663.

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