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Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Blossom Generation.

     The First Nations Youth are emerging, Youth around the world are making their mark, the change is happening in multiple ideas processed and becoming reality. Less paper work, more action. If anything needs doing or changing, just get on with it, start somehow. If you don't how, find a retired elder who does, ask. 
     This is either The Blossom Generation and Continuation or The Graveyard Generation for Capital Gain. If you have a choice, choose. If you think that it is all hopeless, you have chosen. Feel Free to change your mind, no doubt you will when you have a mind that you can call your own. Tend the Flower Children's children's children, the blossoms are stunning. And start a Garden. 
     CANADA FEEDS CANADA in 6 1/4 years, Garden Party Promise if Elected. Garden Party Promise if not Elected, 6 1/4 years, grab a shovel and Vote.

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