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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Tax Write Off Theft, Elections.

     The Self Government of Canada does not even collect taxes, what is the point of Tax Write Offs for elections in Canada? To steal, that is the point. It is a practice used by all Federal Parties and even some independents. Political donation tax receipts can be handed out even if no money is exchanged allowing the donor to pocket what should have been public collected taxes to pay the financial cost of Fraud Elections. The Political Party can write up bogus jobs, like putting up signs and knocking on doors,  for friends and family spending the bogus donation. After the Election, the Candidates get most of what they spent and not spent, paid back from the public purse. During the Elections all kinds of personal purchases, Gasoline, school supplies for the kids, booze for parties, all get written up as Campaign Expenses. And not only does the taxpayer pay for all the parties spend, they also pay for what was never spend. Getting ripped off at least twice, and paying for the cost of the Election and the Empire Department of Fraud Elections, plus staff. Humpty Dumpty. 
     Yes, even the Green Party cannot resist, thus no complaint from there. Seems the only party that has refused to join the scam, The Garden Party, has been blocked by regulations from participating in now both Provincial and Federal Fraud Elections. Perfect. 

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