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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Green House Meeting.

    Preparing a greenhouse type shelter to keep a supply of fresh greens to eat all winter. Sunday early afternoon is a good time to drop by any of our known locations to give or get help, or just to observe and poke around the garden nursery. The Garden, for The Self Government of Canada,  is like Ottawa's Parliament is to the Conservative Party, except our maintenance costs are lower, we have no debt, our budget is always balanced at zero, and we do not hand out licences to build and sell war equipment to dictators that want to suppress their own people trying to get Justice, Equality, and a say in their Government. The Harper Fraud Government not only agreed to 15 Billion dollar sale of killing machines, but let Saudi Arabia buy up Canada's Grain Business. 
     It's all corrupt, everything is corrupt, or it soon will be if money has anything to do with it. Money may not be the root cause of all evil, but to be conservative we can sadly say, at least 95%.  It is in that missing 5% or maybe 2%, where Money Does Not Rule, that is where the excitement is, it is unbelievable, therefore invisible even when directly involved in moneyless action. It's happening out in the open but is untraceable, and spreading. Like a communicable disease, from mouth to mouth with action in between. 
     Take it Easy, if you got through this one, you may need a rest, if you didn't you should be arrested, but we have no police guarding our.parliament gardens, or guards or jails to hold you in for your own safety, so we will just have to let you change your mind when faced by science based information from all the fired Scientists. We recommend some science in the garden, Scientists have to eat, we have lots of greens and tomatoes, bring you own dressing. 

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