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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Slow Down The Economy.

     Harper's 'Maintain The Course, to grow the economy'. Liberals 'Borrow, to grow the economy'. NDP selling Orange Crush to grow the economy. The writing is on wall, and certainly the Green Party knows how to read, and is promising to Shrink The Economy. 
     The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment makes few promises but insists on slowing the economy. The Minister takes full credit for the collapsing world economy to get more votes. The Power of The Dollar, its strength is also its weakness, stop buying junk, stop wasting, ware out your shirt, quit the cosmetics, pollution would drop 50% in Three Weeks. Quit going to work and quit buying for 3 weeks would collapse a Government. Grow a garden, Spin Doctors may very well need a Garden, as our Humble Minister For More Unemployment works overtime to eliminate Useless and Harmful Jobs. Make October Buy Next To Nothing Month and breath Fresh Air in Three weeks. It's official.
     Oct 2015, First World Buy Next To Nothing Month. 

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