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Monday, September 28, 2015

Reduce Fossil Fuel Use 20%.

     20% less green house gases, no problem. Drive 20% less, wash 20% less, shave 20% less, buy 20% less junk, drink beer only four out of five days, vote only four times in each election instead of five times, grow 20% of your food. Reduce every thing 20%. Canadians concerned about which Political Party Promises the best action over a couple of decades are ducking their Personal Responsibility. The Wheels of Government are pulled by a dead horse, where as The Garden Party is instant on the personal job of reduction 20% for 2015, and is actually on its second year with good results, making most targets, and exceeding 40% reduction of all purchases. 
     The Garden Party wins the October Election by default, and promises 20% Reduction of Everything including rotten teeth, and 100% of political parties.

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