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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Recession For Canada.

     The Garden Party, the fifth National Party involved in the October Rejection, declares Canada in Full Recession Permanently. We are not interested in stimulating the numbers racket to fill up the garbage dumps with toxic waste. Nor are we interested stimulating what is called economy, by selling weapons to dictators to suppress the people seeking a say in their lives and their government. The Garden Party is Calling on All The People to Voluntary to Join Our United Permanent Recession until every bank has left town.
     Don't wait until October to Vote For The Garden Party, Vote with your Shovel Today. We Have Declared Elections Frauds, and established Self Government of Canada, right under their noses.
      Blowing our own horn, we take full credit for Canada's Recession and Promise to extend it into the unforeseeable future. Buy Nothing, Best Deal Possible. 
     This Pilitical Message was approved by our Minister Of Propaganda for promotion of uncommon sense to become common.

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