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Saturday, September 19, 2015


     The changes that are needed that are necessary for sane, peaceful and healthy world are prevented by the structure of government and by money.
     We need jobs to make money? No we don't. Money does not allow full employment. Keeping people a little desperate for cash. Keeping a high unemployment level means employees will be better behaved slaves. 
     Money is a value in the Mind only. In the Real World it is nothing less than a Curse on this planet and all people. Even those who have piles of paper and coin, or numbers floating out in computer space, suffer the CURSE OF MONEY
     This Country Canada, could within its silly borders, take care of all the people's needs, and could easily cut its pollution by 90% in a couple of years. The Country has the raw materials, the people have the skills and the desire. Get money out of the way and everyone can make a social contribution, a job. 
     But it's not just money in our make belief world that is a obstacle to change, Governments under the Pay to use Plan is also a problem. And so many laws protecting the theft of property it would take far to long to get the shovel through all that paperwork to turn over the dirt.
     We do not need any financial institutions, nor do all us Gardeners need Corporation Paid For Governments to tell us we can or cannot grow. The Election process, party politics, incompetent coin operated governments, where people are ignored, and lawyers multiply, jails fill up, everybody taking tranquilizers, it is time for a garden party. If we are going to have a real change, CHANGE. 
     This has been a pay as you go, no tax write off receipts , political propaganda message announcement that we are officially running in all Ridings across Canada. We will be the SOS Spoiled Ballad CANDIDATE. If you vote, take a marking pencil and write a big SOS. One Vote that changes everything, almost everything. 

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