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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Greens Legalize Pot.

      Legalizing Pot and collecting taxes actually makes it a cash cow for governments, and before long big profits for corporate growers, just like tobacco.  Growing the herb, selling the herb, exercising choice, will remain illegal under Green Party proposed policy. The Green Party Is planning to do what other parties have in mind, other than perhaps the present Fraud Elected Government.
     The Garden Party treats Pot the same as cucumbers. It is legal to possess, grow, give away, sell, dry, eat and smoke Cucumbers. Get rid of the illegal law and let growers take care of the market. Done, no compromise. This means less crime, self regulating market, fewer police, no corporate profits, local production, less packaging, and like farmers, people still pay taxes on property, income, etc.  This would also provide extra income for local Gardeners. However we expect cucumber smoking demand to increase while pot sales drop by treating pot the same as all other herbs and vegetables. Not to mention illegal tobacco from all over the world can be purchased in Vancouver BC. 
     The Garden Party Self Government declares Cucumbers, Pot, and mushrooms, natural and legal, but recommends home grown cucumbers as the best high with only positive side effects.

    See you at Granville Pubic Market today.

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