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Friday, September 11, 2015

Garden Party Policy on Elections.

     We may or may not run in this Federal Election. Apparently, though it may require some numbers an Auditor has been located who is willing to handle our election paperwork we are expected to do to rip off the public purse. This would enable the party to put forth a Candidate in the upcoming fraud election. We could accept that, for now, and run a Candidate in Elisabeth May's Riding. There is no doubt, we hold some things in common, but there are some fundamental errors in the direction she is appears to taking in what is being proposed relating to the legalizing of Pot. Pot is a plant, so is tobacco, plane and simple. These plants have evolved on this planet and claims that only certain people have monopoly right to these plants is theft by Law. So only a few can reap big profits, and have lots of money to promote sales, while governments get addicted to taxes. This appears to be what the Green Party now promotes. 
      The Garden Party anti smoking policy suggests cancelling all special rights given to Tabbaco Companies, and give the Tabbaco plant back to everyone. And drop all taxes on tobbaco to the same level as cucumbers. It was theft in the first place, and therefore no compensation necessary to business monoploys. Equal opportunity, Democracy. Let people do what they want with tobacco and pot, and in two years, maybe three, it's use will decrease rapidly. The profits and those motivated by the bucks would disappear, promotion  and abuse would be less. Let people decide for themselves. We don't need more government, less by itself might allow better government by voter involvement, and putting a X after some name is not considered involvement, putting one foot down on the right tool might be more valuable, and there are spin offs.. 

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