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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Garden Party Policy on Cities.

     Discourage Expanding, stop increasing access for car traffic. Cities are like a cancer, growing faster the bigger it gets. Wiping out natural diversity almost completely. Only fit for people and their cats. The cats finish off the birds. However some of nature's garbage eaters thrive. Rats are not the only wildlife in the financial core of cities. Cities are Enviromental Disasters, downsizing is the future. Self Sustaining is the Goal.
     A New Direction in Constantly Improving. Not locked by ten thousand buy-laws to protect corporate monopolies. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, uncontested in any Election, Declares All Buy-Laws Void. From now on, when there is a problem, fix it properly and we won't need by-laws.
      With buy-laws out of the way, many more low cost accommodations should be available immediately. People can now use their talents and be self employed. Socially we can evolve without dragging chain-laws.  
     Garden Party Law: Breaking Stupid Laws, Is Not A Crime. Campers, Tents or Shacks in yards to house those in need is Now Legal Everywhere.
     Now The Back To Land Group can make room for more people to leave what will soon be shrinking unsustainable cities, local food production for local supply is expected. Vote with your action.
      Chicken of the woods.

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