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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Free Strawberry Plants.

     Eat what is available locally in season. If you grow strawberries, it is unlikely that you would buy imported strawberries before your own are ripe. When imported cheap strawberries show up in the Big Box Toxic Food Stores, where people in Canada still shop, many if not most folks who purchase straw berries, will buy without thinking, and should be informed. Waiting for local berries would promote local production thus jobs because of product demand. The environmental costs of storage and transportation would be greatly decreased. Fresh, free of preserving chemicals and less packaging are all pluses. One other benefit for good health generally ignored, eating fruits and vegetables that grow healthy in your climate zone, in season, provide best what your body needs in that particular climate at that particular time, for no sick days, eat local. It won't solve the sick days of listening to four Political Parties who desire to hold the reins of power over a dead horse,  promising more manure from Ottawa. The Garden Party Promises that if all the people quit all the useless and wasteful election jobs, stayed home and did a little gardening, the world would automatically be a better place. How is your garden? Got any strawberries, we have a couple of hundred to give away on Vancouver Island. 
     This is a message from The New Self Government of Canada Without Borders, The Garden Party, Winning Votes with sweet strawberries, and self imposing the law, no out of season strawberries shall pass our lips.

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