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Monday, September 21, 2015

F 35 Jets Cancelled.

The Garden Party Is ordering 250,000 shovels for the Canadian Military as we move forward to convert our offensive defence forces to Emergency Response teams. One F 35 Polluting Jet maintenance cost for one year could provide 250,000 tons of organic carrots, these carrots would come in handy during election years, as it is traditional practice by Federal Governments of Canada to feed sheep carrots before every election and herd them to the polls, to get slaughtered for the next four years. The Garden Party has a new crop of carrots that will be ready just before the October Election to pass out for votes. It is official, according to David Shebib, Garbage Guru we will be running at least one candidate for Prime Minister of Canada. A sticks and carrots Campaign. We will be the only national party not accepting corrupt tax write off receipts. We will be counting all spoiled Votes and of course we claim all the votes of people who don't vote. Get your carrot and a tomato at Campaign Headquarters, 5090 west Saanich rd.

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