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Thursday, September 3, 2015

End of War.

Step One for Canada: Stop the Manufacturing and Export of Weapons. All exports including to so called friendly countries like USA.
Step Two: End Membership in NATO.
Step Three: Encourage full embargo on all countries involved in the arms trade as well as middlemen, such as Ukraine, Russia, France, Israel, China, USA and a host of others. 
Step Four: Take a leading roll in helping refugees forced out of their home countries. Cut the BS that Canada is playing a leading roll by taking in a few thousand Syrian Refugees when Millions are being displaced, some by arms Made in Canada.
Step Five: Start Victory Gardens Across Canada to feed all incoming refugees, as well as the kids going hungry in this country while we build Warships.
     Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, makes shovels, not weapons, has no participation in NATO, has a full embargo on all arms manufacturers, welcomes 250,000 refugees now, and is increasing Victory Gardens and food production, as we speak. 
     Vote with your shovel, for best Election Results, 

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