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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Do Nothing Day Today.

    Sept 21, World Do Nothing Day Especially if all you do all day is mess up the place serving Organized Crime, legalized organized crime is far worse than illegal crime. Elections are frauds manipulated by money interests. There are no honest elections in Canada, or any so called Democracies. Politicians hand out public resources, funds and tax brakes, getting in return backing to keep themselves in power. 
     So the Garden Party is having it's own Election. Seeing how the Garden Party just includes everyone, there is no membership. We are all in this together, the old way of fixed elections with one MP getting the most say, is just not the democratic way of equality. Therefore, to break the 'system', a short cut may very well have to throw out the baby with the bath water just long enough to scrub out the accumulated sludge. Government Of and By the People without money is the Future taking place Now.
    Have a Great Do Nothing Day or Five, it is amazing how much gets done and undone on This World Holiday. Start a Garden, pick up the baby.

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