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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Balancing The Buget.

     The Garden Party borrowed nothing, spent everything. No buget to balance, no Department of Juggling Numbers, No Ministers of High Finance, no use for places worshiping Money. 
     Look at it this way, everything the government does, is billed to, and paid for by the people, at least three times what it would cost if people did it themselves. Through numbers juggling, it is the same for all corporations. People pay for Dams, Highways to supply cheap clean energy subsidizing the LNG, and gets the clean up bill in the end, when the resources are used up and profits are gone out of the country to avoid taxes. 
     Since people already paid for everything three times over, it only stands to good reason,  if ownership is legal, the people own all the natural resources, as well as all Corporate Infrastructure. So be it. Garden Party Policy. Collect No Taxes, Pay As Yoi Go. And Have Fun Without all the Junk.

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