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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Slow Down The Economy.

     Harper's 'Maintain The Course, to grow the economy'. Liberals 'Borrow, to grow the economy'. NDP selling Orange Crush to grow the economy. The writing is on wall, and certainly the Green Party knows how to read, and is promising to Shrink The Economy. 
     The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment makes few promises but insists on slowing the economy. The Minister takes full credit for the collapsing world economy to get more votes. The Power of The Dollar, its strength is also its weakness, stop buying junk, stop wasting, ware out your shirt, quit the cosmetics, pollution would drop 50% in Three Weeks. Quit going to work and quit buying for 3 weeks would collapse a Government. Grow a garden, Spin Doctors may very well need a Garden, as our Humble Minister For More Unemployment works overtime to eliminate Useless and Harmful Jobs. Make October Buy Next To Nothing Month and breath Fresh Air in Three weeks. It's official.
     Oct 2015, First World Buy Next To Nothing Month. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Reduce Fossil Fuel Use 20%.

     20% less green house gases, no problem. Drive 20% less, wash 20% less, shave 20% less, buy 20% less junk, drink beer only four out of five days, vote only four times in each election instead of five times, grow 20% of your food. Reduce every thing 20%. Canadians concerned about which Political Party Promises the best action over a couple of decades are ducking their Personal Responsibility. The Wheels of Government are pulled by a dead horse, where as The Garden Party is instant on the personal job of reduction 20% for 2015, and is actually on its second year with good results, making most targets, and exceeding 40% reduction of all purchases. 
     The Garden Party wins the October Election by default, and promises 20% Reduction of Everything including rotten teeth, and 100% of political parties.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Oldest Economy.

    We are more than just interested in young people who are more than just interested in gardening and farming. We are willing to help where we can, our help has no string beans attached, no costs no debts to pay off. If anyone, but not just anyone is already garden farming and are having trouble servicing money demand, we could easily lower costs. 
     The Garden Party can run the entire government of Canada without collecting taxes. Part of our cost cutting, besides taxes, we are now establishing Scientists  Without Borders. All those that were Fired by the Fraud Elected Government will be joining the Growing Garden Party Self Government and will be on full pay. Which means we Gardeners agree to feed them, provide them with the hardware needed in life, and let them do their thing. They can give us gardener people Science Based Information, a open and honest report, if they get good healthy food, we expect good honest science. Poor science, turnips.
      Give and Get, that the New Economy. The benefits are greater, the costs are minimal. This is not an Election Promise, to study things to death after elected, everybody implement immediately, start with the give part, read the results of your actions in tomorrow's headlines. How much did that cost. We could change the country with our pension checks. Change it right, pensions checks will also join money in the compost of history. 
     A Garden Party Goal. Vote SOS on your ballot Oct 19 Federal Election, at the very least,  crush it. We are going for Majority Rejection. As Self Government we take the authority to legally count all eligible non voters, registered or not, plus rejected ballots. Our pole which we have erected, claims we are better grounded and will continue to lead from behind.

    Shelling Beans.

Sunday Green House Meeting.

    Preparing a greenhouse type shelter to keep a supply of fresh greens to eat all winter. Sunday early afternoon is a good time to drop by any of our known locations to give or get help, or just to observe and poke around the garden nursery. The Garden, for The Self Government of Canada,  is like Ottawa's Parliament is to the Conservative Party, except our maintenance costs are lower, we have no debt, our budget is always balanced at zero, and we do not hand out licences to build and sell war equipment to dictators that want to suppress their own people trying to get Justice, Equality, and a say in their Government. The Harper Fraud Government not only agreed to 15 Billion dollar sale of killing machines, but let Saudi Arabia buy up Canada's Grain Business. 
     It's all corrupt, everything is corrupt, or it soon will be if money has anything to do with it. Money may not be the root cause of all evil, but to be conservative we can sadly say, at least 95%.  It is in that missing 5% or maybe 2%, where Money Does Not Rule, that is where the excitement is, it is unbelievable, therefore invisible even when directly involved in moneyless action. It's happening out in the open but is untraceable, and spreading. Like a communicable disease, from mouth to mouth with action in between. 
     Take it Easy, if you got through this one, you may need a rest, if you didn't you should be arrested, but we have no police guarding our.parliament gardens, or guards or jails to hold you in for your own safety, so we will just have to let you change your mind when faced by science based information from all the fired Scientists. We recommend some science in the garden, Scientists have to eat, we have lots of greens and tomatoes, bring you own dressing. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Canadians Arm Saudi Arabia, Update.

     For 3000 jobs lasting 14 years, Harper Fraud Government has allowed a 15 billion dollar deal with a government with the worst human rights violations. Jobs, at any cost. If Canadians allow this 'deal' to proceed, every Canadian is guilty of supporting suppression and murder. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada calls for cancellation of all arms deals with Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia 'royalty' investments in Canadian assets. Any political Party that cannot make this stand publicly in the Federal Election in October, deserve to be voted into the compost immediately. Supporting, or ignoring murder, for profits and jobs, show how low morally Canadians have gone. Unless these deals are cancelled immediately, we are requesting a boycott of all Canadian Products by the World Community. Basically Cut Off Countries that support Crimes Against Humanity, and Canada, under Harper as PM is Guilty as Charged. Your boycott help, would be much appreciated by Garden Party, Self Government of Canada. Thank you.
     Up date: New Leader, Different Party, on This Issue, same policy, continue Boycott.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Address The Money #1 Issue.

     Unless we Fix The Money, all else will fail. Main discussion of all 'recognized' national Parties participating in Canada's Fraud Election is about increasing 'the economy'. Including the Green Party. 
     What makes the 'economy' grow? Building Dams, fracking, producing liquefied natural gas, pipelines, building banking towers, taxing pot, issuing licences to grow cucumbers, having Elections that are meaningless, expanding gladiator games to sell more beer, making consumer junk, the list is unending.
      The decision has been made, Nomination Papers for Participating in the Election where used as fire starter after the Garden Party was told to pay $150 per hour by the only accountant willing to participate as required by Law. An organic tomato will still be available for all who show up to sign nomination papers, as long as supply lasts. We are having our own cost less elections, across Canada by writing SOS on ballots, and forming The National Self Government of Canada where every voter Wins, it is the end of divisive party politics and centralized dictatorial government in Canada. Drop in for a free tomato, no signature required from this Government.

New PM Candidate

    Perfect opportunity for Canadians to make a change, and decrease the power given to the Prime Minister who is really nothing more than another member of Parliament, and get rid of Party politics. Originally, representatives, elected MPs, choose the PM, and still can. If there is not a Majority Government after this election, which is likely, the Garden Party could very well be elected PM by all the independently leaning MPs who should have equal power to the decision process in Parliament. Allowing Power in the hands of one person is dangerous to any Country, Elizabeth May, Green Party MP for Saanich and the Gulf Islands, we are certain would agree to this statement. We may contest her in her riding, to shake up all the Green Party Voters. They expect change through Government, avoiding personal action and responsibility, united in action, not just voting every four years, they could make a force for change by, but failure of E May to take the opportunity to apply pressure on her voters to make changes necessary, little has changed since the last election. The Green Party at the moment is a flop.
     If you are in Elizabeth May's riding, drop in to 5090 west Saanich rd and sign nomination papers for The Garden Party Candidate,  take the power out of the Prime Ministers office, and get a fresh Tomato, or a small carrot.

Free Garden Lessons

   Immigrants, single parents, vets, homeless, unemployed politicians, employed politicians, lawyers, soon to be laid off bank employees, The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada is offering free lessons on Gardening Now. A good time to start and be prepare for a dynamic garden for next year. We have seed, bulbs, tools, and even dirt, Bring the kids, lots of excess tomatoes and greens. Cleaning up the garden now for fall planting. Lots of strawberry, raspberry, grape, kale and chard plants to give away. 
   5090 west Saanich rd, Victoria BC, call cell ph 604 928 3663 for arrangement with Louis Lesosky, self proclaimed Prime Minister of Canada.

Wars Make Jobs.

     Gardens make Peace. SOS Gardens Ready to Go, get a garden started before imported food stops coming in, expect dropping crop yields, high demand, and higher prices for the shorter supply. With the world moving into climate and social readjustment,  food shortages will make transition difficult, mono crops will collapse. It is inevitable. We insist the monoculture farming collapses. Diversity Gardening, is the best way of having food security. It is high on the priority of The Garden Party, all people must have access to a sufficient local food supply to survive, what ever comes their way,  Food Security, if or when all else fails, you can still eat. 
     Get local control of your food, depending on corporate toxic food suppliers with their main interest in the cultivation of cash will continue to turn farm land into a waste land full of sick people. 
     Corporate Food Stores, IMF, Monsanto, are all on the Garden Parties Compost List along with the Canada Arms Industries and fraud Elections. Our $150 per hour Auditor failed to respond, likely after reading our Compost List.  We were not surprised, and had already burnt the nomination papers to partake in the Fixed Gladiator Election Games. We will just keep on developing our own Self Government, from the block the builder rejected, and keep the shovels in the ground. Don't wait for Spring or Money's Election Results, if you need a hand or have unused or even abused land, call up SOS GARDENS FOR INSTANT RESPONSE 604 928 3663.

Monday, September 21, 2015

F 35 Jets Cancelled.

The Garden Party Is ordering 250,000 shovels for the Canadian Military as we move forward to convert our offensive defence forces to Emergency Response teams. One F 35 Polluting Jet maintenance cost for one year could provide 250,000 tons of organic carrots, these carrots would come in handy during election years, as it is traditional practice by Federal Governments of Canada to feed sheep carrots before every election and herd them to the polls, to get slaughtered for the next four years. The Garden Party has a new crop of carrots that will be ready just before the October Election to pass out for votes. It is official, according to David Shebib, Garbage Guru we will be running at least one candidate for Prime Minister of Canada. A sticks and carrots Campaign. We will be the only national party not accepting corrupt tax write off receipts. We will be counting all spoiled Votes and of course we claim all the votes of people who don't vote. Get your carrot and a tomato at Campaign Headquarters, 5090 west Saanich rd.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Do Nothing Day Today.

    Sept 21, World Do Nothing Day Especially if all you do all day is mess up the place serving Organized Crime, legalized organized crime is far worse than illegal crime. Elections are frauds manipulated by money interests. There are no honest elections in Canada, or any so called Democracies. Politicians hand out public resources, funds and tax brakes, getting in return backing to keep themselves in power. 
     So the Garden Party is having it's own Election. Seeing how the Garden Party just includes everyone, there is no membership. We are all in this together, the old way of fixed elections with one MP getting the most say, is just not the democratic way of equality. Therefore, to break the 'system', a short cut may very well have to throw out the baby with the bath water just long enough to scrub out the accumulated sludge. Government Of and By the People without money is the Future taking place Now.
    Have a Great Do Nothing Day or Five, it is amazing how much gets done and undone on This World Holiday. Start a Garden, pick up the baby.

Canada Takes Over USA.

     The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders is starting its SOS Election Campaign in the USA before Donald Trump builds Prison Walls and locks up the entire American population. So step aside Trump, The Garden Party is Priceless, and for the first time ever, a Canadian is running for President of USA,  SOS write in Ballad. Louis Lesosky. We count all votes of non voters, that gives Lesosky 40% head start. With spoil ballads, of course we count those for ourselves, not to mention the millions of Americans fed up will their Two Dog Same Corporate Master Political System, voting with their shovels. We are, according to our poll of selected think alike people, ahead with 61% voting or not voting for Lesosky, and 39% still undecided. 
     Perhaps we should just invade the USA to free all the pay check slaves, certainly they value Freedom, there is something in their Constitution. Whatever,, who cares about their Constitution? It contains a glaring flaw, hidden, that legalized theft of property.
     Since almost all of the US Military is spread around the World doing Acts of Kindness for those with economic(money) interests, it is the perfect time for the Garden Party to grab their shovels and invade the US. It's getting cooler up north, instead of digging out all winter, we could dig in down south. Right after the Canadian Election in Oct, or when you are Ready, picking apples, beans, tomatoes now. Free Tomatoes for Canning at our Saanich Location.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


     The changes that are needed that are necessary for sane, peaceful and healthy world are prevented by the structure of government and by money.
     We need jobs to make money? No we don't. Money does not allow full employment. Keeping people a little desperate for cash. Keeping a high unemployment level means employees will be better behaved slaves. 
     Money is a value in the Mind only. In the Real World it is nothing less than a Curse on this planet and all people. Even those who have piles of paper and coin, or numbers floating out in computer space, suffer the CURSE OF MONEY
     This Country Canada, could within its silly borders, take care of all the people's needs, and could easily cut its pollution by 90% in a couple of years. The Country has the raw materials, the people have the skills and the desire. Get money out of the way and everyone can make a social contribution, a job. 
     But it's not just money in our make belief world that is a obstacle to change, Governments under the Pay to use Plan is also a problem. And so many laws protecting the theft of property it would take far to long to get the shovel through all that paperwork to turn over the dirt.
     We do not need any financial institutions, nor do all us Gardeners need Corporation Paid For Governments to tell us we can or cannot grow. The Election process, party politics, incompetent coin operated governments, where people are ignored, and lawyers multiply, jails fill up, everybody taking tranquilizers, it is time for a garden party. If we are going to have a real change, CHANGE. 
     This has been a pay as you go, no tax write off receipts , political propaganda message announcement that we are officially running in all Ridings across Canada. We will be the SOS Spoiled Ballad CANDIDATE. If you vote, take a marking pencil and write a big SOS. One Vote that changes everything, almost everything. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mushroom Market Today

     Lobster and white chanterelles are the main mushrooms for this market. We will not likely be doing a market next week, stay posted or get on our E mail list which will inform you when we will be in market. Our main focus is to teach Mushroom Pickers who want to pick for their local community. 
   Shaggy Mains: eat only young samples with white or pink gill. They will spoil over night, eat the same day as they are picked. Can be cooked and frozen, drying not recommended.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trapped by Paychecks.

     How many youth in Canada work at jobs that kill the spirit? Jobs that pay more than average get hung on to, at a price. Getting excess money is satisfying. The job is secondary. Life during the work hours is secondary, paycheck slaves, trapped during the most productive years of life. 
     Garden Party Going on tour soon, taking in harvest right now. SOS Campaign. 
     Sept 21, World Buy Nothing, Drive Nothing Day. Endorsed by the Self Government of Canada and our Minister For More Unemployment to slow down and shrink even more the fiscal economy. We expect a further reduction in oil prices to $28 a Barrel. 

Balancing The Buget.

     The Garden Party borrowed nothing, spent everything. No buget to balance, no Department of Juggling Numbers, No Ministers of High Finance, no use for places worshiping Money. 
     Look at it this way, everything the government does, is billed to, and paid for by the people, at least three times what it would cost if people did it themselves. Through numbers juggling, it is the same for all corporations. People pay for Dams, Highways to supply cheap clean energy subsidizing the LNG, and gets the clean up bill in the end, when the resources are used up and profits are gone out of the country to avoid taxes. 
     Since people already paid for everything three times over, it only stands to good reason,  if ownership is legal, the people own all the natural resources, as well as all Corporate Infrastructure. So be it. Garden Party Policy. Collect No Taxes, Pay As Yoi Go. And Have Fun Without all the Junk.

Garden Party Farm Policy

     Garden Farming, diversity, natural habitats, labour intensive, environmentally  sensitive, self regulating, self reliant in cooperation with others, free from debt, and free from GMO crops and Monsanto Weed and Feed. 
     The Canadian Prairies with the present agriculture methods are soon to be in the history books as a human made disaster. Emergency Responce is necessary, The Garden Party Prairie Tour will start out to find farmland to start models of Garden Farming as far as Eastern Manitoba. 
     The intention is to set up models other than monoculture, big machinery, herbicide, pesticide methods of growing. All free from debt. We are ready to discuss ideas for each potential piece of land accross Alberta, Sask.,and Manitoba.