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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Unemployment Crisis Solved, BC.

     There is nothing stopping people from working, find a heavy rock and carry the rock in any direction for half the day, then carry the rock back for half a day. Do that five days a week, week after week and you have a full time job. One rock is all you will ever need, so the environmental impact of your job will be minimal. If you work from home, you won't need a car, that cuts your costs of getting to work to zero. Since you are your own boss, you could with the transportation cost savings reduce your rock carting down by one day a week and always have three day weekends. With all that extra time you will be able to grow a garden, pick berries and mushrooms, and cut your food costs enough to take another day off your full time job, and only haul that heavy rock three days a week. Now with four days off every week and you stop buying Ikea junk and paying two years later, if it lasts that long, to have it taken to a toxic hole (garbage dump) in some pristine area, the savings could lower your work week to two days of hauling a rock around and clean up the environment. Free rocks to fit all sizes are now available at all Garden Party Nurseries in BC, we have enough rocks to employ 200,000 workers with spin off jobs and minimal environmental impact.

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