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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

On the way to the Graveyard

     I got another idea. A method of Transition not involving money. Offer a service, such as setting up a garden bed, for people who need the help, in exchange they could grow a seed crop of even one thing, each year. You then would have a yearly supply of fresh seed, which you could distribute freely or sell or find another way to get rid of money.
     Cucumbers Anyone? Have Jars and Lids too. Leaving the Garden full of Cukes on Monday, help yourself, could be picked now, or we will have enough cucumber seed to plant BC, not a bad idea. Leave a big one in each patch.
     Garden Party Self Government of Vancouver Island offers Free Compost Removal and Free Raised Bed Gardens for those who need the help. Most in need, first, our Instant Response Team is small but growing, food is our specialty.
     BC FEEDS BC IN 6 1/3 YEARS, give or take.

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