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Monday, August 3, 2015

Maintain The Economic Course?

     All Four 'Official' Parties running in the Fixed Canadian Federal Election have it wrong. Growing, even maintaining present levels our money growth economy is continuing our error and adding to already overwhelming social and environmental disaster here in Canada. Growth Economy is what got us into this mess. What we need to do is shrink our monetary economy and practice real economy. Stop the waste. Waste of Governments, waste generated by elections, waste of resources making toxic junk. Half the food produced is wasted, half the work and energy consumed is wasted in the agriculture industry automatically. We condone 10,000 jets in the sky every day just to fly gladiators around. This is our growth economy, and it will not make a bit of difference having 'green' energy and maintaining a growth monetary economy, the end result is the same. 
     Go Green and shrink the waste economy to Zero should be Every Parties goal.  This is the goal of The Garden Party, the Unofficial Party Digging the Four Federal Parties in the Compost, and slowing down economic growth. Right Now we are Winning, all our Polls are full of Beans. Expect a further drop in oil prices, land prices and the Canadian Dollar.  Gardens continue to grow. 
     This is a Political Message from Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment, Keep Digging.

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