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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Great Economic News, China.

     As projected by the Minister For More Unemployment of The Garden Party, China's Fiscal Economy Crash has started. The Stop Buying Junk Days and the World Boycott on all Arms Dealers is having positive results. Russia, China, USA and Canada are all feeling the pressure put on by The Garden Party, keep up the good work doing nothing but gardening. 32% of Canadian Gardeners have cut buying everything by 20% including fossil fuels this year alone. Figures according to The Garden Party Minister Responsible For Propaganda and Misinformation, is accurate within forty three percent, 
     Other good news, oil prices continue to fall beyond our forecast of $45 a barrel, we now expect another drop of $10, that should be enough to shut down the tar sands of Alberta Canada.
     The Garden Party Foreign Minister Besybody is on his way to Japan to give Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a shovel as he is about to take up gardening. Because of the Prime Minister's ties to the Nuclear Industry and desire for Military Build Up in Japan, Busybody recommends retirement. 

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