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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Garden Party Industrial Development.

     Rural Renewal, besides garden farming, every community would benefit from having large food driers, heat sources we use are electrical, wood, and a combination of the two. Properly used quality drying can be archived by all three methods. Heat air and let it rise through screens by convection or forced air, the result is faster by forced air, and may be better with some products, but convection heat works well.
    Three screens 2 feet by 4 feet laid side by side make one layer, and can be stacked ten layers deep. This is over 200 square feet of drying surface, and properly worked, can dry four hundred pounds of fresh food every 24 hours. 
     We have access to all the materials necessary to build low and high volume driers, and the tools to build them. The Garden Party is a Do It Yourself Government, but if help is needed we will call on our Instant Responce Troops which are replacing the Canadian Defence Troops, one shovel at a time.

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