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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Free Grape Vines.

     We have 400 grape vines, a variety, first year cuttings, two and three year old vines and we would like to see them planted all over Vancouver Island. We also can provide suitable materials, posts and wire to build a trellis if needed.  Taking care of a grape vine is quite simple, ask questions any time, or look on the web. 5090 west Saanich Rd, Vic. BC, or call Louis at 604-928-3663. Right now we have pickling cucumbers and canning jars, would provide what is required for half back, but, prepared to give it all away. Same for Tomatoes.
     First Democratic Government of Canada, Self Appointed, calling Government 'The Garden Party' conceived in a rock pile. Priority: Fix It, start where you are, fix it all. The vehicle we are using is food. Until we the people,  everyone, can eat good healthy food for everyone, regardless of what might or might not happen with climate changes or monetary collapse, we are not free from being controlled, everybody needs to eat. Local Food, Produced by Local People, Distribution by People who live in the community, with the ability to feed at least enough for survival, is our goal. This is government By The People, it requires no legislation, no time clocks but natures, no stress, no permits, and no Elected Government Obstacles like Taxes. Taxes now extracted to serve the people, but instead serves the crime. We, The People are government, we will decide how to spend Taxes, seeing it is our tax money, and we are our own government. 

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