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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Canada's first Democratic Party.

    In philosophy and practice, The Garden Party of Canada claims to be the only Democratic Political Party in Canada. It is very clear that elections in so called Democracies such as Canada, have become the tools for money interests and are disregarding the well being of our life giving environment and the well being of the people. 
     Getting involved it the Present Federal Election, which is controlled and little more than an ongoing scam, regardless of which party gets elected is not a priority. However, we encourage anyone who wants to, and is able to participate without hardship or stress, to go for it. At the same time we are developing a new form of government that is ongoing regardless of sham elections. 
     The Network of The Garden Party is slowly but solidly spreading on Vancouver Island and else where, our face to face discussions are bonding people. Real support, cooperation, trust and empowerment is coming together. This is a grass roots movement that is peaceful, optimistic, determined to win and now considered unstoppable. That's not to say we have no obstacles to overcome, but we do have the tools that we need to change what needs changing, and a more determined people you will not find in any political party, corporate board room, or any other terrorist creating organizations. 
     We are moving forward with our food supply completely free of corporate controls. From seeds to food distribution, meats included, the job is far from complete but each step makes the next one possible.  We expect projects to start by next Spring on at least 600 new acres. All self funded by participants, and we are not waiting for Phony Elections. Voting with our shovels, we elect to get the thing started and get off our asses and GO FOR IT! Full employment within The Garden Party.