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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Garden Party Industrial Development.

     Rural Renewal, besides garden farming, every community would benefit from having large food driers, heat sources we use are electrical, wood, and a combination of the two. Properly used quality drying can be archived by all three methods. Heat air and let it rise through screens by convection or forced air, the result is faster by forced air, and may be better with some products, but convection heat works well.
    Three screens 2 feet by 4 feet laid side by side make one layer, and can be stacked ten layers deep. This is over 200 square feet of drying surface, and properly worked, can dry four hundred pounds of fresh food every 24 hours. 
     We have access to all the materials necessary to build low and high volume driers, and the tools to build them. The Garden Party is a Do It Yourself Government, but if help is needed we will call on our Instant Responce Troops which are replacing the Canadian Defence Troops, one shovel at a time.

Monday, August 24, 2015

No To GMO, Everywhere We Go.

    We have enough disasters on our hands now to deal with caused by other past great ideas that were going to benefit mankind. Like monoculture, herbicides, nuclear industries, 70,000 toxic chemicals, lawn mowers. It is time to slow down the GMO. 
     First and foremost, GMOs are not needed to feed the population of world, and therefore not necessary. Perhaps Genetically Modified Brain Cells for today's decision makers might be of a value, but altering foods for monoculture corporate farms for monopoly food distribution when what we should be doing, are doing and will be doing with 20 to 40% of the world population is Garden Farming. GMOs seeds and foods need complete boycott until all concerns are addressed, and forget about seed patents.
     Start your Rural Renewal Garden Farming Project. Feed your local Area, everybody. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Social Climate Change.

    Yes, Vancouver Island Social Climate has reached level four alert. Quiet Little People are singing out 'Hell No, enough is enough, I am not going to take it any more', to by-law enforcement police all over the Island. By-law police backed by police with guns, suffer same mannerisms as all military, prison guards and police develop over time. Might have something to do with power corrupts. It is not By-Law Officers fault that the public gives them a position of limited power that slips into tyranny. That is the nature of the beast.
     What happened to 'equality'? Wasn't that some sort of a goal to aspired to in a Democracy? When by-laws are made most people are not informed on who is pushing for laws made as a excuse to stop one jack ass from being a jack ass, and a loss of freedom to change or adapt to life's ups and downs  for everyone else. Events change lives, by-laws steal freedom of sensible adaptation. We now have Forced unemployment but no lack of things that need doing, off to the food bank, or another happy camper in Tent City, much of which is directly caused by Buy-Laws.
    Antidote, stop buying anything for three weeks, and grow a garden right up to the sidewalk, as laid off check slave by-law officers will soon be looking for something to eat. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Free Grape Vines.

     We have 400 grape vines, a variety, first year cuttings, two and three year old vines and we would like to see them planted all over Vancouver Island. We also can provide suitable materials, posts and wire to build a trellis if needed.  Taking care of a grape vine is quite simple, ask questions any time, or look on the web. 5090 west Saanich Rd, Vic. BC, or call Louis at 604-928-3663. Right now we have pickling cucumbers and canning jars, would provide what is required for half back, but, prepared to give it all away. Same for Tomatoes.
     First Democratic Government of Canada, Self Appointed, calling Government 'The Garden Party' conceived in a rock pile. Priority: Fix It, start where you are, fix it all. The vehicle we are using is food. Until we the people,  everyone, can eat good healthy food for everyone, regardless of what might or might not happen with climate changes or monetary collapse, we are not free from being controlled, everybody needs to eat. Local Food, Produced by Local People, Distribution by People who live in the community, with the ability to feed at least enough for survival, is our goal. This is government By The People, it requires no legislation, no time clocks but natures, no stress, no permits, and no Elected Government Obstacles like Taxes. Taxes now extracted to serve the people, but instead serves the crime. We, The People are government, we will decide how to spend Taxes, seeing it is our tax money, and we are our own government. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Great Economic News, China.

     As projected by the Minister For More Unemployment of The Garden Party, China's Fiscal Economy Crash has started. The Stop Buying Junk Days and the World Boycott on all Arms Dealers is having positive results. Russia, China, USA and Canada are all feeling the pressure put on by The Garden Party, keep up the good work doing nothing but gardening. 32% of Canadian Gardeners have cut buying everything by 20% including fossil fuels this year alone. Figures according to The Garden Party Minister Responsible For Propaganda and Misinformation, is accurate within forty three percent, 
     Other good news, oil prices continue to fall beyond our forecast of $45 a barrel, we now expect another drop of $10, that should be enough to shut down the tar sands of Alberta Canada.
     The Garden Party Foreign Minister Besybody is on his way to Japan to give Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a shovel as he is about to take up gardening. Because of the Prime Minister's ties to the Nuclear Industry and desire for Military Build Up in Japan, Busybody recommends retirement. 

New Government for Canada.

     Saving tens of millions of Dollars and a couple of thousand acres of trees that get cut down every election to spew verbal diarrhea across the Country, not to mention all the time wasted by thousands of people campaigning to put their favorite puppet in the Federal High Chair, the Garden Party of Canada once again Declares itself As the New Government of Canada and cancelled the outdated corrupt election planned for October. Our seat in the new Parliment, has been established at no cost and requires little maintenance,  the old one in Ottawa will be used as a rehabilitation centre for voters with bowel problems. 
     The Garden Party may be small but is sure has pumpkins. And Squash too!

Canada's first Democratic Party.

    In philosophy and practice, The Garden Party of Canada claims to be the only Democratic Political Party in Canada. It is very clear that elections in so called Democracies such as Canada, have become the tools for money interests and are disregarding the well being of our life giving environment and the well being of the people. 
     Getting involved it the Present Federal Election, which is controlled and little more than an ongoing scam, regardless of which party gets elected is not a priority. However, we encourage anyone who wants to, and is able to participate without hardship or stress, to go for it. At the same time we are developing a new form of government that is ongoing regardless of sham elections. 
     The Network of The Garden Party is slowly but solidly spreading on Vancouver Island and else where, our face to face discussions are bonding people. Real support, cooperation, trust and empowerment is coming together. This is a grass roots movement that is peaceful, optimistic, determined to win and now considered unstoppable. That's not to say we have no obstacles to overcome, but we do have the tools that we need to change what needs changing, and a more determined people you will not find in any political party, corporate board room, or any other terrorist creating organizations. 
     We are moving forward with our food supply completely free of corporate controls. From seeds to food distribution, meats included, the job is far from complete but each step makes the next one possible.  We expect projects to start by next Spring on at least 600 new acres. All self funded by participants, and we are not waiting for Phony Elections. Voting with our shovels, we elect to get the thing started and get off our asses and GO FOR IT! Full employment within The Garden Party. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another Climate Change.

     Another Climate Change is taking place everywhere on the planet Earth, the Social Climate. People want better, people prefer peace, but most people have very little say over their own lives, forget about a say in Government. To change the locked by Law way of doing things, the Law would need to be untangled and unwound to the Intent of the Law. Common Sense applied might better serve the Intent of the Law for social improvement and allow adaptation. Adaptation to constant correction and improvement is what The Garden Party of Canada practices.
      Blocked from Elections by changes to regulations, of which we have no control without legal battles, would mean a costly and time wasting exercise to even get on the ballot, only to be blocked again by self interest media and special interest groups whether they are environmental or Rotary Clubs, or the chamber of commerce. In the resent past we were prevented from taking part even at a University and a Church organized All Candidates Meetings in the Victoria Ridings in spite of being on the ballot. We must be doing something right. We have adapted and are having our own Elections.
     Like it or not, climate change will mean people will have to adapt, social climate change will mean the present government structures will have to change. Power has a habit of corrupting, not just in Canada, and,  if elections are the method of governing by centralized power, then money interests corrupt the election process to get their puppets in power positions. This is happening in every so called Democracy. To change a corrupted system, using the tools of that system, may well be an impossible task, or just too slow to bring about change that human survival requires now.
      Democracy has failed, Capitalism as methodology of function is a threat to our very existence. The Garden Party, self proclaimed Government of Canada is Composting Capitalism, the cause of most social and perhaps all the environmental disasters we are facing today. The growth money economies will kill us all no matter how green we get. Nature will green up on its own if left alone. Capitalism is finished if we decide to compost it, or, it will finish after it composts us. Either way, Capitalism is very near done. 
     A message from the Garden Party Minister of Re-creation, former Minister of Finance and Wreck Creation. Looking for people coast to coast who are ready to exercise their vote, will do speaking engagements anywhere in BC and as far west as Manitoba in September. Leaving for Harrison Lake tomorrow, Quesnel, Stromville, Revelstoke, Nakusp to prompt  2015 Election Rejection, the Garden Party Is Growing with Climate Change.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

On the way to the Graveyard

     I got another idea. A method of Transition not involving money. Offer a service, such as setting up a garden bed, for people who need the help, in exchange they could grow a seed crop of even one thing, each year. You then would have a yearly supply of fresh seed, which you could distribute freely or sell or find another way to get rid of money.
     Cucumbers Anyone? Have Jars and Lids too. Leaving the Garden full of Cukes on Monday, help yourself, could be picked now, or we will have enough cucumber seed to plant BC, not a bad idea. Leave a big one in each patch.
     Garden Party Self Government of Vancouver Island offers Free Compost Removal and Free Raised Bed Gardens for those who need the help. Most in need, first, our Instant Response Team is small but growing, food is our specialty.
     BC FEEDS BC IN 6 1/3 YEARS, give or take.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Maintain The Economic Course?

     All Four 'Official' Parties running in the Fixed Canadian Federal Election have it wrong. Growing, even maintaining present levels our money growth economy is continuing our error and adding to already overwhelming social and environmental disaster here in Canada. Growth Economy is what got us into this mess. What we need to do is shrink our monetary economy and practice real economy. Stop the waste. Waste of Governments, waste generated by elections, waste of resources making toxic junk. Half the food produced is wasted, half the work and energy consumed is wasted in the agriculture industry automatically. We condone 10,000 jets in the sky every day just to fly gladiators around. This is our growth economy, and it will not make a bit of difference having 'green' energy and maintaining a growth monetary economy, the end result is the same. 
     Go Green and shrink the waste economy to Zero should be Every Parties goal.  This is the goal of The Garden Party, the Unofficial Party Digging the Four Federal Parties in the Compost, and slowing down economic growth. Right Now we are Winning, all our Polls are full of Beans. Expect a further drop in oil prices, land prices and the Canadian Dollar.  Gardens continue to grow. 
     This is a Political Message from Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment, Keep Digging.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Uranium Mining Shut Down, Canada.

     After a radioactive conference on Sunday in the main plant nursery of The Federal Garden Party it was decided; Shut down Canada's Nuclear Industry and all uranium mining in Canada. All present Nuclear reactors will be wound down. Of course, if the Minister of Unemployment had a mandate in the Canadian Parliament he could accomplish this job in one day, but considering that he has been blocked financially from participating in the undemocratic Canadian Elections, It may take as long as 6 1/2 years to shut down the Nuclear Industries.  That is how long it will probably take to Shut Down the fraud elections and False Canadian bought and owned by private interests Government. The First Words that came out of the mouth PM Harper after he announced the start of the new federal election, usually come out the other end. Deceptions are lies. Lies are shit, 
     There is a lot of money riding on this Election, and with The Public starting to push back Money needs a bully to protect self interests and to continue resource ripoff at public expense. Even elections are profited from at public expense.
     The structure of government could work more representative of people if the people could just drop all the parties, that is happening slowly among those who still vote. Political Parties divide the people. Instead of choosing a best person for the job, self interests get to choose. Some People still think that Canadians choose their Government, and they do not even choose the Candidates. 15% of people who do vote gave a majority to Harper in the last Election. 
     Even before this election was called, the majority of Canadians, well over 52%, could not participate fully in the election process.  And a larger number will not be even allowed to vote in this election, unless they jump through hoops created by new regulations.
       52% of Garden Party Non Members voted to Declare: Federal Elections In Canada, Frauds. The Elected Frauds Chose Judges, does that make the Courts frauds also? 
     The Garden Party is proposing New Government, No Taxes. Self Supported. Public Responsibility, Local Controls. Pay as you go, government, and get rid of greed and money's control. Convert The Canadian Military to Emergency Response with training on the job. Adapt, all this is coming, in your neck of the woods soon, if it is not there already. It is amazing what you can get out of a simple garden.
     We are assuming control of Government without Elections. You have one vote just like everybody else, vote for yourself and make sure your vote counts! Get on board, be Government, New Form Of Governing is taking place at the grass roots level and it is amazing.  People who have been jerks and shitheads their whole life are joining the Garden Party. They are making real votes that count, with their actions.  Get going jerks and shit heads, apply your skills for something sensible, it is the responsibility of everybody to straighten this mess out. If you don't know what to do, clean up your back yard, clean up something, it will come to you what to do, just keep cleaning up things like Nuclear Reactors, and making sure they stay that way.
      Life should be a joyful experience, at least a few minutes every day. A garden alone can give you that. Meet your friends, make a salad, talk to the Gardeners, participate or just read a book like Animal Farm by George Orwell. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Unemployment Crisis Solved, BC.

     There is nothing stopping people from working, find a heavy rock and carry the rock in any direction for half the day, then carry the rock back for half a day. Do that five days a week, week after week and you have a full time job. One rock is all you will ever need, so the environmental impact of your job will be minimal. If you work from home, you won't need a car, that cuts your costs of getting to work to zero. Since you are your own boss, you could with the transportation cost savings reduce your rock carting down by one day a week and always have three day weekends. With all that extra time you will be able to grow a garden, pick berries and mushrooms, and cut your food costs enough to take another day off your full time job, and only haul that heavy rock three days a week. Now with four days off every week and you stop buying Ikea junk and paying two years later, if it lasts that long, to have it taken to a toxic hole (garbage dump) in some pristine area, the savings could lower your work week to two days of hauling a rock around and clean up the environment. Free rocks to fit all sizes are now available at all Garden Party Nurseries in BC, we have enough rocks to employ 200,000 workers with spin off jobs and minimal environmental impact.

Election Can Of Worms Is Open

          The Canadian Federal Rejection Starts Today. The Garden Party Self Government is starting a National campaign to create a new and inclusive democratic government. Present rules, regulations and processes have effectively blocked more than 50% of Canadians, including The Garden Party Members, from directly participating in Federal Elections. This is revolting, The Garden Party has been left with the choice of ignoring the Political Process, or tipping over the wheel barrel of false beliefs that we live in a Democracy. Brain Dead Money has been ruling, and with every election more people are being disenfranchised. 
     To be quite clear, up front and out in the open, members of the Garden Party already do not consider the Present Federal Government legit. Are we of the Garden Party undermining the 'official' elected fraud government, the answer is yes. The 'official' Canadian Government represents about 15% of the people who could vote, yet acts as a dictatorship, claims a mandate to do what it wants, and does what it wants, even if 85% of the population opposes. What is Democratic about that? Even when they get majority support, it is because people are uninformed, misinformed, or lied to with impunity and immunity.  Fair elections open to all Canadians have not existed in Canada in any one's living memory, Confederation and The Dominion of Canada was built on a corrupt foundation. Also the non recognition by government of Peoples already here in this land called Canada,  whether  intended or not, committed genocide against First Nations. It seems historically, a common human exercise, committed by every people that have had and have a military.
     THE GARDEN PARTY WILL BE CONDUCTING ITS OWN FEDERAL ELECTION, COAST TO COAST. If we manage to get it all put together, we could, or will in time, present Canada with an alternative government, that represents each Canadian directly. 
     The Foundation is The Garden, the whole Garden. Good stewardship, not rape and pillage. Every Riding will be represented, no limit to Candidates, no money required, no membership fees, no tax write off receipts, no ID necessary, only the living can vote, every voter will be consider a candidate and a representative of Canada's First Democratic Government. Election date to be decided by each voter, now they have a choice and someone to vote for, hope to have a full slate by October. Candidates will be announced as soon as we find out who without fear stands up and is practising what they preach.