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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Refugee Camps In Canada.

     Call it what you will, but municipal governments of cities and towns across BC are now talking about opening public land for the homeless to 'temporarily' squat. Soup kitchens were also 'temporary' as were food banks. If our pattern of Corporate Capitalism continues, tent cities will soon be the accepted norm all across the country. Laws made by and for the capitalist movers and shakers prevent homeless any opportunity for self reliance. The homeless are not all hopeless, but capitalism is completely hopeless, and if allowed, it will eventually destroy all life. 
     Food and Water, A PlaceTo Be, Clothing, and human contact, all we really need. A Place To Be Without Money, is all that most 'homeless' really need. To take care of those needs is a simple task, but under present mode of operation, with self serving or corporate serving governments, it is an almost impossible task even though most of Canada is Public Land. Progress is being made but money interests have undermined even governments that attempted to better the lot of it's people. And that is still happening on a global scale. The main opposition to a free piece of ground in a city park for the homeless to set up a tent will be those who profit from real estate, land lords, speculators, and home owners who believe their property will devalue in dollars terms. There actually is a possibility, that not only would the real value of their property improve, but so would their social life. Done right. 
    If not in the park, how about in the ditch along the # 1 Highway. All across Canada. Go ahead, pick your spot. Any highway will do.
     Just to make it official, The Garden Party, Self Appointed Self Government of Canada, by unanimous vote of 52% Declare : ALL DITCHES AND LAND ALONG THE TRANS CANADA HIGHWAY, AND ANY OTHER POT HOLE ROAD, ARE FREE FOR CAMPING WITHOUT TIME LIMITS. If you want to have chickens, get chickens, plant a garden, we have free seed, free plants, even soil. You could sell cucumbers and eggs out of your shelter. No more homeless problem. Politicians will come looking for your vote and promise you slavery. This a call to shovels, free the ditches! 
     PS, Canada has enough ditches to handle 6 million refugees. Welcome to Canada, beautiful ditches from coast to coast. No ID necessary, no damage deposit, free parking, why pay rent or mortgages. Do your part, go on strike.

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