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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Made in China, Dumped in Canada.

     Not meaning to dump on China however they are included. Plastic Junk that has a lot of other names, like toys, tools, brooms, etc, is pouring into Canada by hundreds of tons everyday, transported across the country by truck, train and plane and 100% ends up dumped in our environment. Most of the plastics made are dumped the first year after a single use. 99% ends up dumped within ten years. 
     Plastics pollute the manufactures, and everyone who works with products of the Industry. Their toxic odour is in our air, their molecules are in our food and water, even applied to our skin in cosmetics, and stuck in our mouths in toothpaste.  We know the damage plastics are causing in the oceans. We are changing the environment, what is able to survive and thrive on our pollution will be the future, we may not be in that future, nature has laws, and they remain constant. We would be healthier if we shut down 1% of plastic use in the world. The Garden Party Members decided to reach the Goal of  99% Reduction of Plastic Use in 61/2 years. 
     This has been a message from our Minister of the Underground, who has returned to Quebec after a brief visit to pick mushrooms in BC. Morel mushrooms. 
     It is THE NEW WORLD ORDER : STOP USING PLASTICS, YOU ARE KILLING YOUR GRANDCHILDREN. Be aware of every purchase, just beware.

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