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Friday, July 24, 2015

International Defence

     The fastest and finest way to World Peace would be to convert all the Military to Emergency Response Troops.  The Garden Party of Canada is Taking the Offence and Converting  Canada's Military Defence to Emergency Response Offence.
     Borders are Fences. Fences separate people and prevent movement and mixing. Locked in prison borders each country has a National Flag maintaining the divide, making useless government jobs, wasting precious resources, preventing natural human movement, and stopping any real change from taking place. Most Military Defence is used offensively to Suppress People Domestically and prevent outsiders from entering. This inconvenience is greatest for those who are the poorest, how many rich are locked up in refugee camps today? How many bankers are stuck in the concentration camps? There might be some justification for locking up the bankers, but moneimitous might be a hereditary and contagious brain cell eating disease. Our Minister of Finance believes there is a cure and invites all bankers to join him in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC for rehabilitation. Bring their own tent. 
     The Truth Needs No Defence, the bigger the Defence, the bigger the lie?

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