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Friday, July 31, 2015

Housing Crisis Solved, BC.

     There is not a shortage of housing for the Homeless in BC, there is a shortage of functioning brain cells in elected officials at all levels of elected governments. Simple, remove the laws that should never have been made. 
     One law is ; Living, in a camper, mobile home or tent for that matter is illegal almost everywhere in the province. 
     Second Law ; Camping on Public Land, outside of designated parks is also illegal in BC.
     Third Law ; It is illegal to have more than 4 unrelated people living on one property, regardless of house size, land size or buildings not in use. 
     These laws, benefit certain trades ( if slavery is a benefit) and industries. The building trades and housing industries, the energy and resource industries, land lords, banking, lending, mortgage and collection industries, poverty industries, speculation and foreign investment industries, law and police industries, and all the side shoots serving this organized crime. Mind you, most people involved do not know they are servicing organized crime, but a lot of homeless in Canada and the number is steadily growing are aware to some degree, that the whole thing is corrupt and choose not to serve bad behaviour. Of course there are a considerable number of people who are homeless who feel like they are failures and turn to self punishment via pain killers. Drugs and Alcohol, real money makers for governments and other criminals.
     The Garden Party, self government and least corrupt of all Governments Of BC, declares;  LAW ONE, LAW TWO, LAW THREE , COMPOSTED, invalid, defunct, in the toilet. That should bring the rent and real estate prices crashing down, send organized crime into a tail spin and permanently solve our imagined homeless housing crisis, or at least 92% of that problem. Solution at no cost, except for the 13 elected mayors of Victoria. At your service, Minister For More Unemployment and Fewer Mayors, Busybody. At present back from Poland and looking into Harper's Closet as a possible place to live while in Ottawa.

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