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Monday, July 6, 2015

Greece, First Move.

     First Self Imposed austerity for the people of Greece fire the government, you know it is corrupt, how can you let a corrupt mob make a deal with a bigger organized crime mob for you? So change the government, to one free of corruption. You want to deal with the devil, go ahead. There are options. 
So what if you get kicked out of the union? Continue to provide all the benefits to the Union even if they refuse you the same benefits. Use your own currency, or start a new one. Print Money as you need it. Money will corrupt but it can still be used as you Re-Create Government, Of For and By the People. Participatory Government.  
     The Garden Party Self Government of Canada is eliminating money as a tool, because it is actually a obstacle. We are advancing slowly but steady, and are needing less money to get more done. Needing one cent is still a obstacle.
      Where there is a will, there is a way. Money is on its way to the compost, the Garden Party has the will, and is on the way.  Get the garden going.

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