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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Economy Growing

     The Garden Party Economy is thriving forcing down the Canadian Dollar and the success of our Buy Nothing Days, 15 this month is Crushing Corporate Capitalism in Canada. We expect the real estate market in BC to start its decline at any moment, and the world price of Natural Gas to drop dramatically. We are making progress locally as well with our abundant gardens, our beans continue to be priceless, our tomatoes and cucumbers are coming on strong. Our garden economy continues growing while money shrinks like a dried pea.
     Besides getting eviction notice today on our main Nursery in Victoria, we will maintain operations until Spring or Spring, which ever come first. Money still rules, and homeless people are on the increase on the West Coast of NA. California with the most with BC numbers now doubling yearly. People are camping out and undermining their Corporate Governments attempts to force everybody into paycheck slavery. We have been given one year notice, to clear out of our Rock Gardens.

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