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Friday, July 31, 2015

Housing Crisis Solved, BC.

     There is not a shortage of housing for the Homeless in BC, there is a shortage of functioning brain cells in elected officials at all levels of elected governments. Simple, remove the laws that should never have been made. 
     One law is ; Living, in a camper, mobile home or tent for that matter is illegal almost everywhere in the province. 
     Second Law ; Camping on Public Land, outside of designated parks is also illegal in BC.
     Third Law ; It is illegal to have more than 4 unrelated people living on one property, regardless of house size, land size or buildings not in use. 
     These laws, benefit certain trades ( if slavery is a benefit) and industries. The building trades and housing industries, the energy and resource industries, land lords, banking, lending, mortgage and collection industries, poverty industries, speculation and foreign investment industries, law and police industries, and all the side shoots serving this organized crime. Mind you, most people involved do not know they are servicing organized crime, but a lot of homeless in Canada and the number is steadily growing are aware to some degree, that the whole thing is corrupt and choose not to serve bad behaviour. Of course there are a considerable number of people who are homeless who feel like they are failures and turn to self punishment via pain killers. Drugs and Alcohol, real money makers for governments and other criminals.
     The Garden Party, self government and least corrupt of all Governments Of BC, declares;  LAW ONE, LAW TWO, LAW THREE , COMPOSTED, invalid, defunct, in the toilet. That should bring the rent and real estate prices crashing down, send organized crime into a tail spin and permanently solve our imagined homeless housing crisis, or at least 92% of that problem. Solution at no cost, except for the 13 elected mayors of Victoria. At your service, Minister For More Unemployment and Fewer Mayors, Busybody. At present back from Poland and looking into Harper's Closet as a possible place to live while in Ottawa.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Foreign Investors Be aware.

     Buying land, or making deals with corrupted heads of any Canadian Elected Government are not considered valid, nor should foreign investors expect any compensation for their bad deals. So, all you not living in Canada farm land and LNG speculators we suggest you liquidate or lose everything.  Invest In your own local Food Bank. Do a little gardening. That is the best guarantee of joy with your retirement funds.
    As far as The World Garden Party is concerned, All Lands Held for, Speculation, Hiding Money, or any other scam, by foreigners and paid off Canadian Politicians, ownership is no longer considered valid, and, all lands return to local public property. NEW WORLD ORDER BY THE GARDEN PARTY. 
    Of course there will be a transition phase, but in Canada, The Garden Party forecasts all foreign ownership in the compost in 6 1/2 years.  Investors and those intending to invest, you have now been informed, take heed or take losses.

Refugee Camps In Canada.

     Call it what you will, but municipal governments of cities and towns across BC are now talking about opening public land for the homeless to 'temporarily' squat. Soup kitchens were also 'temporary' as were food banks. If our pattern of Corporate Capitalism continues, tent cities will soon be the accepted norm all across the country. Laws made by and for the capitalist movers and shakers prevent homeless any opportunity for self reliance. The homeless are not all hopeless, but capitalism is completely hopeless, and if allowed, it will eventually destroy all life. 
     Food and Water, A PlaceTo Be, Clothing, and human contact, all we really need. A Place To Be Without Money, is all that most 'homeless' really need. To take care of those needs is a simple task, but under present mode of operation, with self serving or corporate serving governments, it is an almost impossible task even though most of Canada is Public Land. Progress is being made but money interests have undermined even governments that attempted to better the lot of it's people. And that is still happening on a global scale. The main opposition to a free piece of ground in a city park for the homeless to set up a tent will be those who profit from real estate, land lords, speculators, and home owners who believe their property will devalue in dollars terms. There actually is a possibility, that not only would the real value of their property improve, but so would their social life. Done right. 
    If not in the park, how about in the ditch along the # 1 Highway. All across Canada. Go ahead, pick your spot. Any highway will do.
     Just to make it official, The Garden Party, Self Appointed Self Government of Canada, by unanimous vote of 52% Declare : ALL DITCHES AND LAND ALONG THE TRANS CANADA HIGHWAY, AND ANY OTHER POT HOLE ROAD, ARE FREE FOR CAMPING WITHOUT TIME LIMITS. If you want to have chickens, get chickens, plant a garden, we have free seed, free plants, even soil. You could sell cucumbers and eggs out of your shelter. No more homeless problem. Politicians will come looking for your vote and promise you slavery. This a call to shovels, free the ditches! 
     PS, Canada has enough ditches to handle 6 million refugees. Welcome to Canada, beautiful ditches from coast to coast. No ID necessary, no damage deposit, free parking, why pay rent or mortgages. Do your part, go on strike.

Plot To Profits, LNG. Site C Dam.

     To all BC residents, pass it on mail.
     Back room deals, theft of Public Resources, destruction of the Agricultural Land Reserve, Lies and Deceptions, Alterations of Election Process, Fast Fracking Bills in the Legislature, Ignoring Public Opposition and Courts, that is Business as Usual of the BC fraud elected coin operated present Liberal Party. If nothing else the entire mob could and should be given shovels and removed from office immediately. Every Liberal Office in every riding in BC could be peacefully picketed until the public purse pick pockets are removed. 
     This is a CALL TO ACTION, by Occupation Apple Tree, stop a handful of Hit and Run Crooks dictating what is good for their bank accounts and Industry Share Holders at the expense of BC Residents who have no input. This Criminal Government is not concerned in the least about the environment, agricultural land, the present or the future population. This is not a Democracy, this is a Government that claims it has majority and has a right to do what it wants. It is high time that the real Majority, including the 52% that didn't vote, to vote with your feet, stand up and kick corruption into the Compost. Dig In, the time has come to take care of the whole Garden, money no longer rules in BC. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

International Defence

     The fastest and finest way to World Peace would be to convert all the Military to Emergency Response Troops.  The Garden Party of Canada is Taking the Offence and Converting  Canada's Military Defence to Emergency Response Offence.
     Borders are Fences. Fences separate people and prevent movement and mixing. Locked in prison borders each country has a National Flag maintaining the divide, making useless government jobs, wasting precious resources, preventing natural human movement, and stopping any real change from taking place. Most Military Defence is used offensively to Suppress People Domestically and prevent outsiders from entering. This inconvenience is greatest for those who are the poorest, how many rich are locked up in refugee camps today? How many bankers are stuck in the concentration camps? There might be some justification for locking up the bankers, but moneimitous might be a hereditary and contagious brain cell eating disease. Our Minister of Finance believes there is a cure and invites all bankers to join him in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC for rehabilitation. Bring their own tent. 
     The Truth Needs No Defence, the bigger the Defence, the bigger the lie?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Call To Action

     THE WORLD IS RUN BY INSANITY and that must come to a end now. 
     Isis and terrorism are not our enemy, our present governments and money are everybody's enemy.  Every bomb dropped is a terrorist act, every killer drone is a terrorist weapon, every armed ship, submarine, jet and tank are terrorist tools. Most of all, Nuclear bombs could only be made and kept ready for use by insane terrorists. Every country that profits from The Military Industry, is partaking in Insanity, and a crime against humanity. 
     We are calling for public action, basically for the people of all nations to shut down the their own countries foreign military interventions, and their homeland weapons for mass destruction industries. Certainly and immediately stop all export of weapons even to so called friendly Nations. The only arms that we know that will not get used are the ones that are not made. Stop production, stop insanity.
     Right now in Canada we have a so called Conservative Government with a so called Prime Minister Harper. Under his rule Canadian Arms For Export have increased massively. We are bombing and killing in Iraq and Syria and Stirring up all the shit possible with Russia. 
     Canada has a deranged insane leader. The Garden Party is not interested in condemning anyone, but is not going to accept being ruled by any nut that sees a terrorist behind every stump because he is a terrorist.  For certain, his actions of terrorism adds to making the world unsafe. 
     This is a message from Louis Lesosky, Garden Party meeting Sunday Afternoon in The Garden, Everybody welcome including Harper, leave your weapons at home, a shovel is okay.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Most Corrupt Governments.

     They all tend to take advantage of the administrated powers, but Democratic Governments may well be the worst. For several reasons, one is that they usually get away with their crime even when they are caught, and voters soon forget with all the manufactured distractions. There is a perception by those living under Democracy, that it is far worse under other forms of Government. Not always the case. Elected Parties are temporary so opportunities are best when having a majority of seats, grab all you can while in power is normal for BC. What makes it worse is that the elected governments seem to present themselves as walking on the 'high road', church going, honest horse traders, serving their country and fellow citizens. Review political history in BC or Canada for that matter. According to one historian, there has been only one political party ever,  in Canada that didn't get caught with stealing or thrown out of office for corruption or scandals. That party was a Farmers Party in Manitoba prior to the CCF Party which has also gone in the compost. Every Government of Canada and its Provinces, before and after the United Farmers Party, were caught with corruption. They got away with far more than the general public realizes, and it continues because that is the nature of the beast, that is why we have to change government form, and we are now in the process of transition.
     History will show the corruption of the present Fraud Elected Government of BC, (there has never been a challenge to our calling that last Provincial Election a Fraud). The Liberals are attempting to get LNG, and Site C Dam started now because one needs the other, the Bill will be paid for by the public. Two years from now it would not get past the people, nor should it now. This is project that benefits the Bennetts and Clarks, and Corperation Share Holders,  total debt before profit for the public, 48 Billion Dollars, not counting infrastructure, roads, and more government jobs making sure the environment is protected etc.
     Slime rises to the top every time, and there is a lot of skimming going on in Democracies. The old tactic of getting dirty work done when few are watching or informed by having a Summer Sitting at BC Legislature is obvious corruption.
      July 21, BC Provincial General Strike. Buy Nothing, Drive Nothing, Do Nothing, emergencies and gardening exempt.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Public Lands Management.

     In Canada, Public Lands are managed by Provincial Governments. This management provides a large and prime opportunity for back room deals at the expense of the public. Some Friends and supporters of government get some good deals. Long term. Happening now in BC.
     All Public Lands either belong to 'the people', or they don't. Mostly, Public Lands with the resources are scooped up by government issued licence holders. Actually the 'public' of BC have already lost ownership of Public Lands. Who Benefits? As the monopoly free enterprise game continues, fewer and fewer share holders of corporations claim ownership by law of more and more. This will continue if allowed until the tiger eats its own tail, or slaves go on strike. 
     The Garden Party is on strike now, simple, stop buying corporate goods, minimize driving, grow your food or at least what you are able to produce, waste nothing, and boycott goods from all countries with nuclear weapons. US, Russia, China, Israel, France, India, UK, Pakistan, and NK all have the weapons of mass destruction. Take the same action of refusal to participate with all countries which manufacture or middle arms sales internationally, such as Canada and Ukraine. Do your part, then apply your full strength solution to where it is needed.
     We are making progress, the world economy is on its way to the compost, Garden Party Sunday Afternoon Meetings at all locations. Open agenda, all ages, babies to sages, in the Garden.

Economy Growing

     The Garden Party Economy is thriving forcing down the Canadian Dollar and the success of our Buy Nothing Days, 15 this month is Crushing Corporate Capitalism in Canada. We expect the real estate market in BC to start its decline at any moment, and the world price of Natural Gas to drop dramatically. We are making progress locally as well with our abundant gardens, our beans continue to be priceless, our tomatoes and cucumbers are coming on strong. Our garden economy continues growing while money shrinks like a dried pea.
     Besides getting eviction notice today on our main Nursery in Victoria, we will maintain operations until Spring or Spring, which ever come first. Money still rules, and homeless people are on the increase on the West Coast of NA. California with the most with BC numbers now doubling yearly. People are camping out and undermining their Corporate Governments attempts to force everybody into paycheck slavery. We have been given one year notice, to clear out of our Rock Gardens.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

If Not Now, No When.

      Corruption Reigns the World, likened to a rope around our collective necks. It is greater supported by those who get their personal ropes loosened but not removed. We could say Middle Class, but it is just people who have more disposable assets.  All of this is serviced by lifers; pay check slaves, renters, the mortgage strapped, and gardeners. 
     All we need is food, shelter and clothing. Many people would take care of themselves, and lower their environmental foot print, but, by the structure of ownership, the right to tax people off property, the right to tax at all, and insane money system, obstacles, keep people unable to help themselves, and enforced by the Law. 
      Well, where there is a Will, THERE IS A WAY, it is Peaceful, the method creates the Goal. 
     This is the message now evolving, Doing it out in the open, taking action even if seems like taking on the impossible all by yourself, GO FOR IT! 
    We are many, and many more will come, bring in the harvest, by now we know what to keep and what to let go. The reward will equal to the last, likely today's Richest. Poor fools, they don't know what they are missing. Make your move to solution, spread it as far as you can reach and apply it full strength, to yourself first. GO FOR IT! Start a Garden close to the sidewalk, kids love berries and fresh peas.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Anti Nuclear Spring, Mobilize.

     Stopping Iran from getting Nuclear Weapons would be easier if all the countries who have the weapons, disarmed and junked theirs. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada has placed sanctions on all Countries that have Nuclear Weapons. No Bombs or No Beans. Top of the list USA, Russia, China, Israel, India, France, UK, N Korea, Pakistan, and every country attempting to acquire them. 
     JULY 21st, WORLD BAN THE BOMB DAY, it would be insane to use even one, or to give a bean to anyone that has them. Stop buying and selling beans and everything else from countries with Nukes.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Do Something, Do Nothing! BC.

    Claims that Site C Dam would cost 9 Billion Dollars and add 8% more to Hydro's capacity, were made by the elected BC Government of the last fraud election. A note here, The Garden Party, Self Government of BC does not recognize the elected government as legal. 9 Billion Dollar Dam. Past records of government estimates on mega projects tell us that it will be more like 12 to 20 Billion. The 8% Part, that's likely the maximum. They say enough energy to power 450,000 energy glut houses. The dam is a ten year project that will generate 10,000 Jobs? More like 2000 in BC. Another make work project that would be better left undone.
     Forcing a New Dam when real experts say we will not need the energy in ten years, and we do not need it now. The hydro from Site C Dam is for the LNG Industry but would be built and paid for by BC residents.The Elected Liberal Party considers it has a right to do whatever it wants because they are the government. They are forcing their agenda quickly, in a special sitting, when many voters are busy with holidays and are not paying attention. Timing. With a majority, to get a stamp of approval in the Legislature to the deals with public assets they have already made with LNG, they figure it is a done deal, and there will be no turning back. Surprise. 
     Do Something, or Do Nothing! No Dam or LNG! Come to the legislature or Go On Strike and send the Liberal Party of BC to the Compost of History.

Stop Site C Dam

     Site C Dam, if completed represents a 8% increase in Hydro's output. BC Elected Government Claim. If completed it will cost 9 Billion Dollars. Another Elected Government Claim. All elected Governments turn corrupt, the longer in power the more corrupt they get, the higher up they get the worse they get. They make deals behind closed doors that make a few people rich, themselves included, at the expense of the population. This is not new, it has been going in BC from before the first Elected Provincial Legislature. The people rarely find out until after the fact, of being ripped off. 
     When voters catch the cookie jar thieves, they slam down the lid of the cookie jar. Then they lift up the lid and let in a different bunch,  who do the same thing.  That has been the reality of party politics since Day One in British Columbia, and it is the reality of the Elected BC Government Today. There will be well rewarded gains made by those who made the deals, before the public even heard a word about a proposal for Site C Dam.  And the sell job started on the people before the dam was even mentioned. Real estate deals were done, happens all the time in BC. Why else do the governments who are elected by people meet behind closed doors.  The BC Gov got voters (non voters are not a concern) believing their lights would get shut off if the Liberal Party didn't get on this project right away. It will give life saving electricity to 450,000 energy glut houses. Except the electricity is not for houses, it's for the LNG corporations, dirty gas, that will be paid for by the public. Always the case , even if their spin doctors make it appear otherwise.
     There are many who are opposed to Site C in BC for different good reasons. The present mob in power wants to rush, force, push, bully, whatever it takes, because they are going to need all the power and more than Site C alone can produce to service One Dirty Polluting LNG PLANT.
    The dribble about clean natural Gas is dribble, it is part of the sell job, so are the fairy tails about BC people getting rich on natural gas. What happens is, we work, get poorer, and another resource is gone, like the forests and Salmon. The future inherits the past, if we continue the direction of the Liberal Party, the future is predictable. Make money, grow the numbers economy, till we wipe out our own lives. Break out of Insanity, Kick out the Liberal Party.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

USA, Next Dollar to fall.

     China been buying into the US, now with the Garden Party Self Government of Canada Stop Buying Junk Campaign China sales have dropped 20%, and we just got started. Money from China that has been holding up the US buck has dried up. The US, being the most bankrupt country in the world borrowing from 15 generations into the future is ready for a dive into the compost,  and it will suck down Canada with it. Put on your life jackets and grab a shovel. Shovels can be used to paddle with and handy if you make it up the creek.
  Have Another Buy Nothing Day, Save Save Save, Buy Nothing, Grow a Garden.

Made in China, Dumped in Canada.

     Not meaning to dump on China however they are included. Plastic Junk that has a lot of other names, like toys, tools, brooms, etc, is pouring into Canada by hundreds of tons everyday, transported across the country by truck, train and plane and 100% ends up dumped in our environment. Most of the plastics made are dumped the first year after a single use. 99% ends up dumped within ten years. 
     Plastics pollute the manufactures, and everyone who works with products of the Industry. Their toxic odour is in our air, their molecules are in our food and water, even applied to our skin in cosmetics, and stuck in our mouths in toothpaste.  We know the damage plastics are causing in the oceans. We are changing the environment, what is able to survive and thrive on our pollution will be the future, we may not be in that future, nature has laws, and they remain constant. We would be healthier if we shut down 1% of plastic use in the world. The Garden Party Members decided to reach the Goal of  99% Reduction of Plastic Use in 61/2 years. 
     This has been a message from our Minister of the Underground, who has returned to Quebec after a brief visit to pick mushrooms in BC. Morel mushrooms. 
     It is THE NEW WORLD ORDER : STOP USING PLASTICS, YOU ARE KILLING YOUR GRANDCHILDREN. Be aware of every purchase, just beware.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Canada's Money Disappearing

     The Garden Party has been shovelling its slush fund into the compost. We have an enriched compost. While the Canadian Loony continues to drop to an new low, our grapes continue to grow. The Garden Party return on investments are all increasing by at least 100% annually. As Canada heads into another recession and prices of food jump by what is expected to be 50% in 2015, the Garden Party economy is stable, potato yield has already pasted 2014 dividends and less than 1/3 of the crop has been harvested. Onion crop has tripled and still coming in, cucumbers, squash, even watermelon are likely to break all economic forecasts. Beans may be the jewel yield this year of 400% increase, completely unaffected by the falling Canadian dollar. There is no panic in the garden as one fictitious money economy after another is ending up in the compost as was forecast by our Minister of Finance turned Monk, now camped out in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria BC. Needs a pair of size ten or eleven sandals, send by express pass it on mail, Canada's fastest and most reliable mail delivery service to David A, recognizable by long beard and bare feet. 

Final Deadline for Greece.

    This is the Final Lifeline for Greece. The  Garden Party, Self Government of Canada will bail out Greece and assume its debt. We know one bean should be more than enough but we will give the IMF three beans. Now they can grow those three beans into trillions in just a few years. Of course, unlike money that grows out of thin air, beans have to be put in the ground.   This is our final offer, take the three beans or we will eat them, and still cancel all debts to Mammon.