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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ukraine Garden Party.

    The Garden Party's Minister Busybody representing Canada's Diplomatic Core, is in the Ukraine and is sticking his long nose into everybody business, just too make sure that everybody ignores all border builders and coin operated political leaders, including their own, and start growing a big garden.
    Of course gardens are just a cover for Busybody to go underground and set up Self Government Without Borders. Gardening wins every time so we recommend hanging up the guns and picking up the shovels,  kicking Monsanto out of the Ukraine, tell the Fraud Canadian Government to go home, grow a garden and take their Jets with them. Start your own Garden Party and dig in, UKRAINE FEEDS UKRAINE IN SEVEN YEARS, if you need pea seed we will send them First Class by Pass it on World Mail Service. No exchange necessary, but shut down your local arms dealers.

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