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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Folly of Money

     Non productive jobs: banking industry, insurance industry, financial accounting industry, realty industry, lawyers and legal industry, the entire stock market and investment industries, advertisement industries, gladiator and sports industries, toy industries, greeting card industries, fashion and cosmetic industries, herbicide and pesticide industries, patent and copyright industries, lottery and gambling industries, plastic flower and junk industries, are all being composted.
    Eliminate these jobs, their buildings, maintenance requirements, equipment requirements, transportation requirements, supply and resource requirements, and the result would eliminate even more jobs. 
    Less smelters, less pulp mills, less oil refineries, less trucks, trains, and tankers,   less logging and deforestation, less energy requirements, less dams, gas and oil extraction, less pipeline requirements, all leading to even less jobs to do.
     This of course would lead to less environmental damage, less garbage dumps, less garbage and recycling trucks, cleaner air, cleaner lakes, rivers, and oceans, healthier food and people, less drug pushing doctors and stores.
     Add a final touch of eliminating most of the packaging industry by getting food from your conscientious local producer and presto, common sense applied, the world has been saved for another day. 
     Next WORLD BUY NOTHING, DO NOTHING DAY, JUNE 21st, gardening exempt. A message from our Self Government Minister Busybody presently undermining the Fraud Elected Government of Canada in Poland. He is passing out shovels.

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