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Friday, June 5, 2015

The Big Collapse.

     Most jobs today are maintaining one way or another, a monitory system of turning resources into a polluting waste called garbage. We don't need to make all this waste, but it all makes jobs which make money, we spend the money to pay for stuff and so we can afford to go back to work and make more garbage. There you go, our money systems demand destroying resources, and will kill us if we continue to maintain jobs jobs jobs insanity of doing all kinds of things that would be better left undone, and the very things that need to be done ignored.  Private Jails make jobs and money, poverty does not make money, we fund jails and ignore poverty.
     That is why we have to take another path, a path without money control that is taking humans to extinction.
      Are you ready? Do you need help? What are you working on that needs a place to start? The Garden Party has use of 150 acre farm, potatoes will be planted by the end of the week up north, and our first picking of new potatoes started on the South Coast at the end of May. We planted some of our potatoes in January this year in Victoria, BC and planted a few more this week. Peas are Ready, you should be ready as well.
    The Garden Party is growing flowers for the occasion, the death of money, coming soon wherever you are, ready or not. Better grow a garden, if the whole thing falls apart all at once, say goodbye to all the things from somewhere else you have come to rely on, consume until the limit is reached, and it has been reached. Promises of more forever are more likely to be a second Stone Age.
     Got something better to do?

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