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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Money's End, New Beginning.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada insists that money is now the biggest threat to the survival of life on spaceship earth. Money is the slave master of the human race. Measurement of value is virtually always done in dollars, including the value of a human being, a tree, a fish, a bulb of garlic. In the pursuit of money, we have in Canada eroded at least two thirds of our top soil off the prairies, nearly wiped out our natural forests, polluted much of our ground water, lakes and rivers, on and on. We have reached a critical point, to put it bluntly, unless we get off the thread mill of chasing after money, the human race is doomed. 
     This is a SOS CALL, to anyone and everyone, get together, work together, share what we have, and send money into the dustbin of history. This can be done collectively by individuals, enough of us must answer the call, the future of the human race is all our responsibility,  old and young, those who have much, and those who have little. 
     Want to talk? Want to listen? Where do we go from here? Louis, 604 928 3663, this week at 5090 West Saanich rd,  Victoria BC, mostly in the garden, behind the house, but can travel, working on projects in Quesnel, Harrison Hot Springs, and Stromville BC.

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