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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


     Kick all the money laundries out of Greece, turn your banks and vaults into root and wine cellars. If you really think you need money to function, cancel all rents, mortgages, property payments for one year, issue temporary money, hand out equal amounts to everybody in the country, consider the value of your money equal to all others and make change for tourists. 
     That will give you plenty of time to work out details, as the rest of the world follows your fine example. Use everybody else's money which is worth the same as yours, nothing but a programmed believe, and a master of social slavery, destroying the world, to get rich. 
     Have any problems you want to get rid of, go work in the garden, where work is a joy, there you are likely to find a solution, if not, we will gladly sent over our Minister Busybody who loves sticking his nose in family affairs.
    A message from Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, at your service. 

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