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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

GDP Continues To Shrink.

     The Success of The Self Government of Canada, with its Stop Buying Crap campaign is incredible. There is a steady stream of lay offs from Garbage Making Industries and more people discovering the Joy of Gardening. We may yet make a 20% reduction of fossil fuel consumption for 2015.
     Apparently, 25% of food purchased in North America is from Walmart Stores. With The Garden Party's quickly expanding Nurseries in BC, we expect Walmart to be completely out of business in this Province in a couple of years. Local produced food is the future and Walmart is not in the picture. They are in the compost with Monsanto and Toxic Furniture Maker IKEA. 
     The Next WORLD BUY NOTHING DAY, June 21st. A working holiday for the Zoo Keepers. If this is your first participation in our freedom from money day, we encourage you to practice at least five or six days in advance so you can make it through the whole difficult day without a single transaction. Some addictions are powerful, especially if they were imprinted in sponge minds from birth and reinforced constantly throughout life. But once you Stop Buying, it is so liberating that you just can't stop, some how needing less is having more. Cost nothing to garden, and unlike Walmart Monsanto Foods, yours will be edible and nutritious.

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