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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Garden Party Well Armed.

    Ready to take action anywhere in BC. Emergency Response is best before the disaster, while we still have an inefficient intact infrastructure, when the present capitalist money system collapses, which The Garden Party Insists Happening, the imported food supply will not be coming in. This will be catastrophic if people are not prepared. 
      For starters, make sure the Gardeners and Farmers closest to you are getting all the support they need to provide the necessities of life. Be certain enough food is being produced in your area to be able to feed all the people in your area.  When food runs out, all other wants and needs will become secondary. Food is a priority, people must be in control of their food supply. 
      Tools and Arms and Legs and Backs, Gardeners Without Borders are leaving for Quesnel in the morning, to save a farmer going down to quitting under costs with mortgage just too much. So the The Garden Party has purchased the month of June mortgage payment to relieve the pressure for one month a year off Odd Ball Organics, and is hopeful that we will soon be able to free up Gardeners and Farmers so they can garden and farm. 
     The Garden Party will be on site in Quesnel on JUNE 21st WORLD DO NOTHING DAY (gardening exempt),  a everywhere holiday from insanity.

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