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Saturday, June 27, 2015

BC Sun Dried Berries.

    Due to the hot dry weather, we can easily dry our fruit and all our berries. This simple action of releasing the moisture, cools, and puts the moisture in the air. That moisture will fall somewhere, do your part, dry berries send rain, no money outlay, no excuses, won't need imported corporate herbicide mono cultured berries, chemical lifeless jams and sugar petroleum flavoured fruit juices. Think of the savings, no packaging, no refrigeration, no permits, no cooking, no sugar needed, no elected political interference, no jars, and best for transportation efficiency, great emergency food, and taste good. A joy to do. What more can you miss. 
     Picture instructions of drying fruit in one hot day AS IT HAPPENS (Title). Tomorrow berries and APRICOTS, anyone can participate, 5090 W  Saanich Rd. BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS.

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