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Saturday, June 27, 2015

As It Happens, dried fruit.

     Pick berries early in the morning so the whole day can be used for drying.
     Mush berries to juice.
    Spread as thin as possible leaving no exposed tray, set tipped towards the sun. When the surface has dried, an hour or two, scrap it all up in a pile.
    Press it out again as thin as possible.
    After three or four times of letting just the surface dry out, it will be firm, lift of using your tool, and just turn it over and place on screen or rack and turn it over a few times for extra drying for long storage.
   Middle piece is today's berries, yesterday's berries are on either side, the darker piece on the right is mostly little black berries. Underneath are small dried apricots, two days in the sun, but for long storage we will give every thing one more day drying, till hard dry.  Placed in a air tight container, it will keep for years. 
     The crash of insanity is coming, be prepared. BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS. Hot weather and ripe fruit, dry your way out of needing money, as it is headed for the compost for re-creation. Yum.

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